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When you think about it, your e-mail address says a lot about you. For instance, in the digital age, it can form part of a person’s first impression of you, in some ways at least. Sound far-fetched? Well, imagine being a business owner and receiving two resumes for a vacant position via e-mail. You receive one from a respectable, professional sounding e-mail address and another from a not so respectable or professional sounding e-mail address. It reasonable to assume that the e-mail from the more professional sounding address is more likely to give a good first impression, before the attached resume has even been viewed. Let’s not even get into the embarrassment of recounting an ill-thought out e-mail address to friends or family. Clearly, picking the right e-mail address is important.

Many of us have multiple e-mail accounts. However, we typically only have one primary e-mail address. Changing that primary e-mail address can be a big stress as it is likely tied to a myriad of online accounts and has been given to countless different people (keep in mind that you may be able to automatically forward e-mails from your old account to your new account to take some of the pressure off.) With that in mind, you don’t want to be changing your e-mail address with the weather, but if you have an embarrassing e-mail address, it may be worth taking the plunge.

When it comes to picking a new e-mail address, try to get it right the first time! Select something that is timeless and professional. Your name is timeless and professional, so that’s a good choice. If necessary, adding an appropriate number to your name is fine. If you don’t want to use your name, think of where you want to be in 10 years and be sure to select an e-mail that will still be appropriate when you get there. Avoid e-mail addresses that are tied to a specific jobs or ISPs. It’s better to select an e-mail that you’ll always have access to. So with that in mind, consider e-mail services from the likes of G-mail, Yahoo, Windows Live or Zoho Mail – e-mail services from these providers are free. There are many other e-mail providers too.

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