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In an age where the line between media, marketing, and entertainment is disappearing, animation is the perfect cross-platform tool. Not only can it express sophisticated and highly creative concepts, its appeal transcends the classic demographics of age, gender and cultural identity. Here are 5 big ways animation can boost the success of your corporate video.


As we’ve seen and talked about recently, VR, or 360-degree video, is just hitting its stride. Whether being used for re-enactments, virtual training, or to exemplify your business’s practices, animation works extremely well in VR environments. As a medium, it’s certainly easier to program and control animated characters compared to their live action counterparts. Though we’ve yet to see VR tackle its true potential, animation provides an increased possibility for experimentation.


While animation’s roots may lie in your childhood, advances in style, tools, techniques and models have elevated the art form to another level entirely. And though many of us still have an emotional attachment to it for reasons with associate with the former, it’s the latter that is allowing animation to transcend barriers and demographics. Even more important than its global appeal however, is animation’s ability to express thoughts, feelings and ideas non-verbally. In our global marketplace, this is an incredible advantage. Whether the company who wants to promote itself abroad, or simply save time and energy subtitling videos (think airlines, for starters), animation is an easy solution.


Sophisticated, highly creative ideas are generally not the main problem of a business; it’s how to execute them. If you’re idea is overly ambitious compared to your budget, better to scale back than see it executed poorly on screen? Using animation however, you can often communicate the same idea with a fraction of the budget. Some of our favourite examples are this incredibly inventive stop-frame animation spot for Tripl Stitched from Nexus, as reported in HOW magazine’s article The Biggest Animation Trends in 2016–and What’s Coming in 2017. Another beautifully crafted piece was the 360 Google Spotlight Story project from Academy Award-Winning agency, Aardman.


Executive producer and head of partner content at Aardman, Heather Wright has more than a firm grasp on what to expect from animation trends. In her contribution piece for HOW, she highlights the collaborative nature of animation as being one of its core strengths. As entertainment and marketing grow closer together, she summarizes that audiences will be pulled into “meaningful communities around a show or an idea, without necessarily differentiating between something that entertains and something that sells.” If the future of successful business is a partnership between your brand and a content creator, collaboration is a key element.


The 3-D printer has been a game-changer for animation. Those who love the look of stop motion or claymation no longer have to shell out the big bucks for developing models. Today 3-D printing has not only made using these styles and techniques possible, it has significantly decreased the cost of materials and production. Stop motion in particular has been seeing a renaissance as of late with a number of large-scale major motion pictures like The Boxtrolls leading the pack.


Specializing in video content, it’s our job both to understand trends but also to point our clients in the right direction. If we don’t have a direct solution ourselves, we’re happy to work with our industry contacts in order to help our clients realize their vision.

If you would like to speak about the possibility of using animation in your corporate video, feel free to give us a call.


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