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This is a very complicated world, a very noisy world and we’re not going to get the chance to get people to remember us. No company is. So we have to be very clear about what we want people to know about us.” Steve Jobs delivered this meditation on media over 20 years ago to his staff. At the time, Jobs was unveiling a new advertising campaign; but it was his preamble that stole the show. Why? Sure it was a beautiful message from a fascinating and passionate man, but perhaps more importantly, it was honest.

To understand why unstaged corporate videos are 2017’s hottest trend, it’s helpful to look back on where we’ve been. To revisit our example above, what was so interesting to us was that it wasn’t Jobs’ message alone that was so powerful, it was the way he delivered it. Masterful shots and sparkling dialogue are wonderful and useful tools, but sometimes it’s simply the real—the here and now—we respond to most. In an increasingly digital world, our appetite to experience this unrehearsed brand of authenticity is growing at a unprecedented pace.

While corporate videos have reinvented themselves the last few years to include some of the most engaging and creative content online, new services and trends from Internet giants are once again reshaping how we experience the world. Over the last couple of years alone we’ve seen YouTube, Instagram and Facebook all promote live streaming, unfiltered content and more reality based video. As a result, the style of corporate videos are following suit.


As UK company Telly Juice pointed out in a recent blog post, there is no surer way to fail at creating a corporate video than by recruiting unenthusiastic employees. The last thing anyone wants to see is bad acting—especially when it’s coming from you or your staff. Even seeing someone make a mistake on camera (followed by how they fix it) can provide a more engaging experience than the video where everyone is working hard to look perfect. As with all types of art, we respond most intensely when others reveal their vulnerability. You and your brand don’t need to fear being imperfect; it’s how you spin it that counts.

Look no further than one of our guilty little pleasures for plentiful examples of this. During a recent episode of a popular interior design show we follow, the principal designer made a mistake ordering the client’s bathroom tile. As a resut, she was in danger of going over budget and not fulfilling her client’s wishes. Instead of throwing in the towel, she amped up her game and worked twice as hard to find a solution. This moment revealed not only the designer’s ability to admit her mistake, but creative problem solving and a keen sense of responsibility to her client. In the end, the client was just as impressed with the lengths the designer went to in order to fix the problem as she was with the result itself.


As with all trends, if your business is to grow you must flow with not against the tides. J. Walter Thompson, a company focused on data and research into current trends and innovations, recently posted an article on the evolution of data trends. The globally recognized company recognized how live video has dramatically shifted over the last 12 months alone. Primarily a result of Facebook Live, the number of broadcasts has quadrupled in one year. In addition, “live videos also receive 10 times more viewer engagement than regular videos.” Unstaged corporate videos mirror this trend by intentionally forgoing carefully planned sets for real-life scenarios.

Bryan Eisenberg, founder and CMO of Ideal Spot, has talked a lot the last year about how to leverage video on behalf of your brand. Eisenberg points out Warby Parker as just one successful example of the unstaged video trend. The designer eyewear company began shooting videos of themselves answering customer service questions, then uploading the videos to YouTube. Parker even went a step further by replying to customer’s tweets with a link back to their video embedded in the text. Eisenberg points out that that tweets including a video were retweeted 65 times more frequently. It also gave the company new content to repurpose across their website and other social media channels.


Let’s be clear about something—corporate videos are no longer some guy in a suit giving a power point presentation. These days a corporate video could be anything from a behind-the-scenes look at you dealing with customers, to sitting in on one of your Monday morning power meetings. Think of it as the ultimate opportunity to show your audience who you really are.


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