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Just five years ago drones were the territory of Hollywood movies with million dollar budgets. If you wanted a sweeping shot of the crowd or city for your corporate video, you had just one choice: rent a helicopter (and the crew that comes with it). But the introduction of drones, and the speed with which they’ve advanced, has changed the game entirely. Here we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons you should be using drones in your corporate video production.


Put simply, the footage you’re able to obtain with a drone can elevate the entire look and feel of a video. This could be a panoramic scan of a wedding or special event you organized, a large-scale interior shot of your manufacturing facilities, the city where your business is based, or, a rolling shot of the regatta your company is sponsoring. The types of shots you can establish with a drone outdo any other kind of camera by far, including GoPro.


What used to take a helicopter, pilot and cameraperson is now replaced by just one individual and a controller. Drones are able to fly and film from the ground all the way up to 400ft and footage is streamed to the pilot’s controller in real time. This is a huge benefit for the client, as you’re able to see the actual footage being captured. As a result, adjustments such as framing and tilt of the camera can be made on the spot instead of forcing you to wait for the footage to be downloaded. This has the added benefit of making it less likely for you to lose the shot you want, and for a fraction of the price a helicopter would cost.


While a video may start out intended for a particular event, like a trade or awards show, once you have footage it is easy to repurpose across multiple platforms. Establishing shots can be incorporated into training videos, TV and digital commercials, videos for your company website, or for use at a live industry event.


A few years ago a family member traveled to the Grand Canyon for the first time. An avid photographer, he even bought special lenses for the occasion. But when he returned he expressed his frustration at not being able to get the shot he wanted. Truth be told, there are some things that you just can’t capture in a regular shot, even with advanced lenses or other technology.

Drones on the other hand, capture large-scale movement and grandeur beautifully. Some of the industries particularly well suited to drones include oil and gas, mining, aerospace, engineering, manufacturing (clothes, textiles, auto industry), but also travel ventures like eco-tourism. Drones can also be used to help tell a story (people picking grapes for wine production, or, harvesting apples for that micro-brewery cider say) about your company and product. It can also be a great way for businesses to showcase their facilities, such as our recent work with FortisBC and Seaspan. It is always interesting when you can shine a light on a business, or element of a business, outside your realm of experience. And drones do this very well.

Using a drone to make a professionally shot video sends the message that you care about your business. The shots a drone can provide have a cinematic look and feel to them, and by elevating the quality of your product; you also elevate and establish your credibility.


If you’re interested in speaking about whether a drone might be right for your corporate video, feel free to contact us. We love meeting new people and hearing about your ideas.


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