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Do you have a product or business you think is right for the under 18 demographic? If so, learning how to tap into the kids market using video content is essential. Both powerful and a necessary tool of the trade these days, video content can reach kids fast and communicate your message even faster. Here are some tips for how to do it right.




Depending on the age group you’re trying to reach, there are essentially two main ports of entry into the kids market; directly or indirectly through their parents. For much younger children, most of what they watch will be monitored by their parents regardless; so this is something to remember when putting together your creative video idea. A younger age group will also have an understandably limited attention span (as will their parents). By elementary school and up, it is possible to reach kids directly, but it’s still the parents who will purchase your product so it’s best not to exclude them.




For those who take the time to look, there are some pretty interesting numbers out there about marketing to mothers. Let’s take just a few of the most telling, courtesy Bounce Ideas.


  • Moms are 58% more likely to shop via mobile phone.
  • 1 in 4 kids less than 18 yrs. live with a single mother.
  • Only 4% of families with kids under 18 fall into the structure of ‘working father/stay-at-home mom.’
  • Almost 6 out of 10 mothers who are online visit social network sites daily.
  • 55% of Canadian moms felt that Canadian retailers (vs. US) don’t serve their needs through social media & mobile technologies.


These are some very big numbers, with a very big message to those looking to market to Mom and her kids. “We are not being heard,” it seems to say. As a result, video content that appeals to kids through Mom would do well to remember some important facts. Among them, Canadian women are, by and large, well-educated, savvy shoppers, highly social, and the vast majority work outside the home as well. Whether a ‘mom and me’ cookbook video or a commercial for a teen getting their first car like this Emmy-nominated Subaru spot, it is important to respect Mom (and Dad) when appealing to younger demographics in video content. Patronizing language and out-dated social ideals will not serve you well in today’s parenting circles.




This is a very important point for anyone looking to market their product or business to the kids’ market through Mom and Dad. Parents today have a lot on their plates. With the majority of families made up of two working parents, the guilt over not spending enough quality time with your children can be ferocious. In the past, many marketers have used this to their advantage; touting products with a message that appeals to this soft spot and essentially ‘guilting’ parents into buying their product. But this type of guerrilla-style marketing is not going to gain you loyal followers, or points.




In her blog, The Lipstick Economy, brand strategist Jamie Dunham remarks that 73% of moms say that advertisers don’t understand them or their needs. That is 3 of every 4 female parents, and if this number is even somewhat reflective of reality, it speaks volumes about the mistakes advertisers have been making. Before embarking on a video, get to know your demographic. If it’s Millennial Moms and Dads, read blogs, or go on social networking sites to see what they’re talking about and what’s important to them. A little research can go a long way into creating a video that fills the void left by less than successful competitors.





Once you’ve whittled down what age group you want to appeal to, have a look at other content aimed at the same demographic. This could be anything from TV series to the hottest kids’ books on the market; all of it will give you an idea of what kids today are experiencing and what is affecting them inside and outside the home. If you want to communicate with kids, first you need to learn to speak their language.




If you’re thinking about reaching out to the kids market and don’t know where to start, feel free to give us a call. We are a collective of creative minds who specialize in video and we love meeting new people.



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