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Published: Mar 29th, 2013

Why have a Blog?

As we hope you can tell, here at Media Button, we take blogging very seriously. We believe, nay, we know that the blogging of quality content on a consistent basis is a useful and beneficial tool for business. To be truthful, we have experienced... Read More

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Published: Mar 22nd, 2013

Media Button Videographer Gives Expert Advice to Graduating Students

Chris Goldade, Media Button’s chief videographer, was recently invited by Graham Cairns, the department head of the digital filmmaking faculty at the Kelowna campus of the Centre for Arts and Technology (CATO), to be a part of a four-person VIP guest panel. The panel... Read More

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Published: Mar 15th, 2013

What to do after your Website or Social Media account is released to the world…

Ok, you’ve recently upgraded your website, taken the plunge and got your first website, or established a new social media account. That’s great, but what do you do next? Chances are, if you’ve recently started a Facebook page for your business, you have very... Read More

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Published: Mar 8th, 2013

Media Button has a Sister Company: Sold on Hold!

Did you know that Media Button has a sister company? That’s right, Sold on Hold, a leader in music on hold and message on hold marketing, is also a part of the Media Button family. At Media Button, we’re known as a full-service Vancouver... Read More

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Published: Mar 1st, 2013

What is the Media Button Difference?

Here at Media Button we pride ourselves on being a web design, video production and marketing company with a difference. We like to call that difference, the Media Button Difference. Now that all sounds nice, but you are probably thinking that it is just... Read More

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