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When a business wants you to
use less of its product…

FortisBC offers a successful Demand Side Management program to help customers manage or reduce their natural gas and electricity use in their homes and businesses. We were approached with the challenge of educating FortisBC customers on the environemental and financial benefits of these conservation programs, while adding a human face to such a large utility company.

Who knew that a company could be so focused on helping you use less of its own product!

Our Approach

Often times, large corporations will hire professional actors to tell their story, even when it means an astute viewer may notice that the same actor “works” for more than just one brand. We felt that the best way to reach the public, with an authentic and meaningful message, was to let the members of FortisBC’s Conservation and Energy Management initiative tell their own story.

Even though the video might lack the gloss of professionally trained talent, the message meant more to the success of the campaign than the method: FortisBC is here to help customers conserve energy. Who better to tell that story, than those directly involved in the program on the front-lines?

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Project Results

We worked closely with FortisBC to craft an engaging presentation that featured members of the DSM team, at all levels, from executive leadership to electrical technicians. Filmed in multiple locations, across the province, this video helps give a unique inside look at what goes on behind-the-scenes. The result is a visually engaging, authentic brand story that showcases a compelling way for a company’s employees to convey their own message.

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