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Media Button Visual Effects: Time-lapse

As technology continues to rapidly advance, the tools used for creating visual effects have become more-and-more accessible. This can be both good and bad for those wishing to craft a powerful video.

Visual effects used simply for “effects” sake is far too common and can actually have a negative impact on the success of your video. However, when well crafted effects are incorporated purposefully and masterfully, they can create a stunning enhanced level of visual interest to your project.

Media Button is experienced and well-versed in the use of a broad range of visual effects and will guide you through the process to determine what’s right for your video.

Call us, together we will make your project sizzle!

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Services provided for Media Button Visual Effects

  • Strategy & Conceptualization
  • On Location
  • Drone Operations
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Colour Grading
  • Animation
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