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Fortis BC: RNG Awareness TV Commercial

Sometimes a brand approaches us with a need to speak precisely, but authentically at short notice. As winter turned to spring in early 2022, we worked with FortisBC’s leading creative team to generate a commercial that would promote positive awareness of renewable natural gas use in British Columbia.

In a tight timeline we knew collaboration was key to this project’s success. We undertook great research into the local market and competitors worldwide before returning initial consultation on the draft script and concept. Together, we cohesively moulded a considerate dialogue that speaks for the customer – rather than at it. The next challenge? How do we authenticate this narrative in British Columbia. With carefully selected stock footage and effective voice-casting, the collaborative efforts of our inhouse team and client’s creative director found a new tone for FortisBC and a springboard for their future communications materials.

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Services provided for Fortis BC

  • Strategy & Conceptualization
  • Scriptwriting
  • Pre-production (project management and producing)
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