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When it comes to video production, getting the “perfect” shot is never easy (probably because the term “perfect” doesn’t really have a place in art but that conversation is best left to a future blog post). There’s also a lot more that goes into a shot than meets the eye and a good chunk of the work starts after you’ve stopped recording. One thing in particular is post colour grading and compositing. In many instances, it means the difference between an interesting looking sunset and a sunset so vibrant, your audience wells up with emotion. 

Colour grading or colour correction is the process of enhancing or “correcting” the colour of an image. A skilled colourist can enhance the mood and feeling of a shot, truly bringing that visual to life. Many times, colour grading can alter the mood or feeling, taking a flat, cloudy day and breathing new life into your shot.

Here’s a still shot from one of our latest productions with FortisBC:

Lake Before

Lake After

What started out as a relatively flat shot in the early morning blue light of dawn is transformed into a dynamic, warm sunrise.

Another commonly used element in post-production is compositing, the process of combining external visual sources into a single image. This especially comes in handy when you’re trying to add elements to a shot that were never there to begin with (such as sky replacement and the addition of lens flares). 

An example of this can be found, again, in our latest production with FortisBC:

Biogas Plant Before

Biogas Plant After

What started out as a flat image recorded not long after sunset has evolved into a stunning early morning sunrise. This image, in particular, includes an added optical lens flare, as well as some re-lighting on the rocks (by way of masking and curves adjustments).

These aren’t things that your average audience is going to notice… but they will feel it. And it can have a major impact on how they perceive a production.

At Media Button, we offer our clients the latest video technology, along with valuable professional experience, that enables us to take their video productions to whole new level. Colour grading is just a small part of that.

For more information on how we can make your next production “pop”, contact Media Button today!



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