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Award shows, an evening where the stars come out to play and A-list celebrities are recognized for excellence in their craft, right?  If you think the only award shows are that which are reserved for primetime TV slots like the Grammy’s or the Oscar’s, think again.  Media Button has been fortunate to produce countless corporate award shows highlighting the true persona of each company.  We have found that on the special night, an indescribable sense of corporate magic evolves, leaving a lasting impression with attendees.  

Media Button has seen first-hand that bringing together your entire corporate team for a night of celebration plays an immense role when it comes to increasing employee motivation.  By creating an atmosphere where employees can enjoy their moment in the spotlight allows that 15 minutes of fame to be carried into their future work ethic.  

Many corporations we have for have all across the country, making direct communication limited at times.  By unifying your team at an award show, employees realize their overall contributions to the company rather than just their regional targets.  Not only are award shows effective with acknowledging individual efforts but the company as a whole grows 2 inches taller on the special night where everyone can see first-hand the true beauty of teamwork.  

Award shows turn the fun-ness factor up in so many ways! Mingle with departments you don’t normally speak to and let that water cooler chatter turn into a champagne toast that sparks greater business milestones to come.  This is your chance as a celebrated employee to tie up loose ends that didn’t make sense over emails and phone conferences and to thank people for their contributions in person.  This will help provide greater perspective to goals you are all working towards and an increase of respect towards coworker relationships.  

Lastly, soak up your special evening in your finest attire and make a spectacle of it! Bring those happy, smiling, group shots onto social media for positive work karma!  Remember that how near or far apart your company’s departments or offices are, you will all have this memory to reflect on.  The variety of sample videos shown showcase a multitude of different styles of award show formats and Media Button prides itself on tailoring your next award show to desired specifications.


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