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  Website design just keeps getting better. More creative, more features, more ways of telling a story, more than just an online presence for business, these websites are creative works.

However, as Paul Cookson once said, “great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.” So, in searching for inspiring ideas in website design we also need to think about the user experience, as so simply put by author Cameron Moll, “the difference between art and design is that design is supposed to be functional.

So let’s take a look at this Friday’s most inspiring sites: 


Giant Steps Medias’ new site has a stunning opening that is reminiscent of a starry night. It has a unique interactive feature that lets your cursor play with the starry dots, while mellow sound effects match the motion. It’s kind of like a lava lamp of stars on your screen and it’s  kind of fun. Navigation is super simple.

As musicians who compose original scores they saw no need to sell themselves with text heavy hyperboles, instead they let us listen to their work, show us their clients and range of products, and simply let the work sell itself.


The people at Soleil Noir Studio say that 2015 is yours and they made a website designed to back the statement. This site is just for fun. There’s nothing to buy or sell here people, consumers can move along. Explorers can stay and play. This is an interactive experiment that encourages visitors to tweet a message, which will then inspire the graphic work on the site to grow. Creative digital growth inspired by tweets.

Tune in, turn on and tweet!


 The Vo2 group breaks away from the herd. This is a bold site with a striking design. It’s so far outside the box for most IT business and consulting services that it is practically an octagon. A courageous and audacious move for an IT business, but today’s technology is all about innovation, discovery and changing the parameters and perimeters of old business.

When you think outside the box, you’re no longer a square! 

nasa website

Whooooaaaaa!!!! is all we can say about this site – no wait a minute, we can also say – WWWWOWWW!!!

While NASA is expected to have an extremely professional and information-laden site, who would have guessed that it would be so entertaining, so creative, so inspiring, so user friendly.  But then, working with the birth of stars, the exploration of galaxies, and the contemplation of infinity must expand limitations of the mundane mind.

As they say at NASA science is amplified and we say thanks, our imaginations are satisfied.

We strongly encourage you to visit this site and have the microcosm of your mind blown far out into the macrocosm. 


 The Lexus NX. For all car lovers and gamers this sites for you. It’s less about selling and more about the user experience. The gamification of this site makes it fun to explore and visit, and it is a kick ass site but after a few minutes, the effect is…Meh!

They say striking design meets bold creativity, it seems to be a bit of a tag line, and it certainly is bold and striking, but it’s missing something, artistry perhaps? It seems to have gone overboard a little less would have been so much more!

Still, as far as innovative websites go, this one is quite a sweet ride.




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