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 Drinking is good for you when you drink with Savse!

Friday (or wine day as we like to call it) has rolled around again, and we have rounded up a few more wicked websites from around the world. Check out this cheeky little number from Savse designed by Neverbland, U.K.

This website design makes good use of the continuous scroll; all information is easily accessed, which guarantees you won’t get lost in a labyrinth of pages. The design reflects the fun, fresh and clean lifestyle followed by the target market. You feel healthier just looking at this website.

Take a lookie at Ibuki

If you are looking for a fresh new website template this might be the site for you! Italian web designer, Alessio Atenzi, created the Ibuki, a flexible WordPress theme that can be adapted to suit any business. Super responsive, beautiful and creative.


 Technology in art curated for conversation

Websites can be incredibly complicated, the more content on the site the more important it is to make navigation super simple. Especially if the website is an aggregate site or an ever-growing gallery.

Resonate is an interesting site from designers FIELD (United Kingdom), Eugene  Krivoruchko, and FlUUID, and Hudson-Powell. This collaborative work brings artists together on one site to profile their work and drive the debate on technology in art.


 Animated for maximum user animation

Usually less is more when it comes to website design, but rules must be broken, and this site is no exception. Fun, engaging and surprisingly easy on the eye with super simple navigation, this site breathes originality.  Well done Miki Mottes from Israel, and is that your real name, because we love it!!!


 So it’s true Jeff Bridges IS God

We love this site, first of all it has a wolf howling at the moon, secondly it has Jeff Bridges, and thirdly, all proceeds go to a good cause. So take a look, sing a long and lend some support, it’ll go a long way when you visit Bridges in the dreaming.

And – it’s a fun site made on Squarespace, by Jeff… peruse with pleasure.

Dreaming with Jeff





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