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How To Make A Kick-Butt Human Resources Video

As a medium created to showcase human beings, what better way to feature your HR department than to make a kick-butt human resources video? Not only can video draw a picture of your business that no written words ever could, it has become an essential tool in our digital marketing toolbox. Actually, these days one could argue that video is the toolbox. But I digress…




Every business should have its own unique colours, fonts and logo. (If you don’t, read our blog How to Choose Your Brand’s Fonts & Colours: Why Details Matter here.) Not only that, they should be as recognizable to your audience as any major brand or platform. A recent blog from Vidyard suggests branding your HR videos with your company’s logo and colours; a piece of advice we agree with wholeheartedly.


Whether it’s a potential recruit or a potential client who wants to learn about your culture, using consistent visual branding on your HR videos helps to create a sense of immediacy and recognition. It’s an extra step that can go a long way toward building your brand online.

Image courtesy Vidyard website




Video is a fantastic way to introduce new hires both to their colleagues and to your customers. Particularly for those who work remotely, freelance or by contract, an HR video can feature the entire team without the necessity of every person being in the same place at the same time to do so.


A great example of a business that executed this successfully is Help Scout. In addition to their kick-butt HR video, Help Scout decided they would use video as a way to help build and establish their remote work business culture. With 75% of their team working out of the office, they encourage members to connect and bond via Monday Video Parties, weekly video coffee chats and more.




Do you or one of your team members have mad skills? Do you speak another language? Know how to froth a cappuccino while in tree pose? Why not incorporate these insights into your HR video? Besides the fact that watching someone do something is a heck of a lot more interesting than reading about it on a resume, highlighting the skills and interests of your team reflects your diversity and gives your business a personality.




Speaking of personality, don’t be afraid to let yours show. The very purpose of an HR video is to celebrate the people working hard to help your business grow. The most successful HR videos are those that are willing to include some moments of candor. Your team should feel comfortable speaking truthfully about their experience with your business and so should you. After all it’s the people we connect to, not the business itself.




Earlier this year a book celebrating the 20th anniversary of “storytelling phenomenon” The Moth was published. All These Wonders features stories of heartbreaking loss and heart-pounding courage. Since its inception, The Moth has remained faithful to its unscripted nature–giving participants famous and infamous nothing more than a theme to riff off of before getting up on stage.

Building your HR video around a theme (building courage, breaking barriers, or, how to make someone smile) can be a powerful way to show us the people behind the business. Feel free to focus on your company culture or core values. What is it about your business that’s different? What is it about you that’s different?




If you own a business where your clients are working directly with your team members, why not use the HR video as a tool to brand each individual by their own unique strengths and talents?


Not long ago Dropbox made an incredibly fun HR video using Muppets designed to characterize their employees. Each Muppet had a title, including “head chef” and was featured over real audio of team members describing their experience working for the company. Not only did it help establish the company’s fun-loving, colourful culture, it helped to establish each individual’s brand within the company.

Image courtesy Dropbox HR video on YouTube




Your HR video is an opportunity to show the world what you’re company is about. Are you active in your community? Do you work with any kind of philanthropic groups? Are you committed to hiring minorities, those with disabilities or single parents? If you are, this is the place to include it.


An article in The Atlantic featuring Jeni Strand, an HR executive in North Dakota, is a good example of a company that has earned its bragging rights. In the piece, Strand muses about the importance of actively helping others understand “that women in agriculture is a really important thing, the financing in particular. The history has been, it’s a white guy’s game, and we want to change that. We also have relationships with local groups that are focused on helping disabled people and veterans find work.”


That’s the kind of message worth spreading.




At Media Button, we’ve made a career shooting videos for businesses just like yours. If you’re thinking about designing an HR video but don’t know where to start, feel free to give us a call. We love meeting new people!


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