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Amid millions upon millions of websites, the truly fantastic sales page remains a unicorn. And is it any wonder? Your website’s sales page has to communicate a ton of information to your visitor at once. After all, this is the point at which they will decide whether or not they’re interested in what you’re offering. That’s an awful lot of responsibility for a single page. Learning how to maximize videos on your sales page is one way to increase your chances of taking your business to the next level.


We’ve talked before about the efficiency of video. In short, the same message that takes pages of text to communicate can often be expressed within seconds by video. Not only that, it’s enhanced by body language, personality, inflection, and the environment in which you choose to shoot. And it’s easier; did we mention that? We are a busy lot these days, and while a visitor may not take the time to read a testimonial or about page, it is much easier to convince someone to click play.


Maximizing videos on your sales page is partly a game of numbers; the more videos you have, the better your chances are. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors, but including a few well-positioned videos under clearly defined headlines should be able to provide all the relevant information. Depending on the type of business, you probably want to include an introductory video, a video testimonials’ page, a video for FAQ’s, and a product video, how-to, or explainer video. Providing videos with this basic information can help increase your conversion rate substantially, as well as persuade visitors to take action. It also works to establish credibility, and displays a commitment to your potential customers.


Maximizing video on your sales pages requires some thought about the design of the page itself. You want to make sure that your videos stand out, but not at the mercy of its overall appearance. Give some thought to what types of images will compliment your videos, and be sure they don’t contradict with what your business or would be confusing to someone coming to your page for the first time.


It’s important to remember that your sales page serves a very important purpose: to sell your product. Anything else is nothing more than a distraction. Be clear about what your focus is here. Ask yourself; what is the goal for this page? Is it for the visitor to request a quote? Hit the buy button? Contact you directly? Know what the best-case scenario is, and then design everything else around it. The more opportunities you provide visitors to become preoccupied, the more you subtract from your goal.

There are a few last details that, while they may seem trivial, can make a surprising difference to your conversion rate. Using a different colour for the CTA button, for example, has been shown to have an impact. It draws the eye to it, and leaves no possibility to accidentally click on the wrong button. The same can be said for using a bright colour for your call to action, with clear copy in an easily readable font. If this sounds like amateur hour, have a look online sometime and you will see how many people are ignoring these basic rules.


A clear, interesting headline and thumbnail picture, if applicable, is essential. Make sure that your headline is audience driven. Do not use the headline to toot your own horn, make grandiose claims or as a place card for clichéd superlatives. Unless of course you truly do produce the best coffee in the world or provide the most amazing web hosting on earth. In which case, you probably don’t need to advertise anyway. Keep it simple, keep it honest, and, most importantly; keep it about your audience.



If you would like to talk about how to maximize videos on your sales page, feel free to give us a call. We love meeting new people and are always here to kick some new ideas around.


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