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We don’t know which we like best, the name or the website. Either way m.a beat has a website design that’s really neat, the visuals are a treat and for finding new sounds it’s super sweet. Navigation is simple and for a no-stress user experience – that’s web design at its best.


By Samy Abboud. France

Dog Studio B

Wow – when we saw this site we immediately thought of Cirque du Soleil and guess what – Cirque du Soleil commissioned thiscompany to build their site. Once you visit their website, you’ll spend some pleasurable time browsing their portfolio and visiting their wonderful web design creations. No wonder these guy’s clients are in film, music and other such creative fields.


By Dogstudio. Belgium 


This site is clearly innovative in its delivery. The goal is to take the viewer on an interactive tour of Austria, and it certainly could be a fun user experience, unfortunately, no-one likes to follow shaky camera moves – it can bring on a bout of seasickness, they should have used the MoVi Freefly, this would have made the user experience a visual delight instead of a nauseous plight.

Austrian Summer Moments

By Loop. Austria


 Beautiful in its simplicity this site is for a top model agency, no frills, no gimmicks, no games, easy to navigate and find what you want, which, in this case, is a model, their portfolio and the pleasure of browsing gorgeous visuals.


 By Tudor Prisacariu. Romania


We love Spotify! And a great company like this deserves a great site.  Here’s one they had developed especially for Valentine’s Day. They kindly developed a great user experience – for couples. Super simple to use, lovers can unite their favorite artists in one harmonious playlist in a match made by Spotify.

Spotify Sweet Spot 

By Razorfish. U.S.A


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