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Last week we riffed about our experience attending NAB 2016. Also known as the world’s largest and most influential expo for those in media and entertainment, it would not be presumptuous to say that our experience was mind blowing. With over 1,700 companies on 1 million square feet of floor, it was hard to choose favourites; but some of what we saw and learned was so unique, we thought you deserved a sneak peek.


As a company who spends the bulk of our time producing video for clients, we certainly sat up straight for this one. Featuring groundbreaking advances in unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as drones), these storytelling tools were a hot topic this year at NAB 2016.

As the good people at NAB pointed out, drones not only allow us to place cameras in places they have never been before, they allow us to move them in dynamic and innovative ways. In the Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion (complete with enclosed flying cage) we saw some of the new technology being implemented, and previewed some of the mind-bending footage being captured by these devices.

With video being the preferred way of advertising in our modern times, using drones to capture footage gives content makers like us access to possibilities that were previously impossible due to geographic or financial limitations. Today this type of content is being used to spruce up everything from websites to corporate videos (especially in the real estate, mining, and forestry sectors, although the possibilities are truly endless). Drones are clearly the most affordable tools for capturing aerial footage, and with the quality of digital and video content marching steadily upward this is a solid possibility for clients who are thinking big in 2016.


Consume, consume, consume. We heard the message loud and clear. Digital video continues to outpace growth of any other type of marketing or advertising today.

In order to compete in this highly competitive landscape, businesses need to appeal to people first and pockets second. Time and again we heard speakers at NAB reinforce that a big budget is not necessarily the solution, but how successfully a product or business can be personalized in a unique way. This trend towards increasing personalization of content and cross-platform consumption is showing no signs of slowing down either.

Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer of digital giant YouTube spoke about online video. And for those 2 or 3 of you who still don’t believe in it’s massive reach, contemplate this for a second: YouTube reaches 1 billion users worldwide.

One. Billion. Users. (And growing.)

Now supporting 8k and 60 frames per second, YouTube has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a platform for the boss’s cat videos. Today’s trends include 360-degree video, which has spiked in interest and, as a result, revenue for those using it. Successfully implementing these types of strategies, as well as seeing an increase in the level of engagement amongst our clients’ content will continue to be a priority for us in 2016. Moving forward, we look to increase the brand awareness of those who we work with so consumers will easily associate their brand with unique, quality content.


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