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Every year the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) hosts the world’s largest annual expo for those working in media and entertainment. With a tagline like“Where Content Comes to Life,” you better bet they’re serious too. Ringmaster to 103,000 attendees from 166 countries, the show features groundbreaking advances in digital technology, provocative seminars from leading think-tanks, and a platform to debut cutting-edge production tools and technologies. With a constant eye on the shifting video marketing landscape, the senior team at Media Button decided NAB 2016 was a great opportunity to keep up-to- date on the latest technology for our clients. After all, if we don’t owe our clients 4 days in Vegas, then who?


The same kind of curiosity that led some of the keynote topics this year at NAB is exactly what brought us here as well. Working in digital video has never been more challenging and NAB highlighted the importance of looking at the big picture in deciding where and when to run digital video. The message is this: if you’re curious about your product, your audience will be too. But beyond that, even in today’s age of celebritydom, people always come first and products come second. Authenticity lives, even on a mobile.


President of Global Partnerships at Google, Daniel Alegre, gave a talk at NAB about how TV is not dying– it’s being reborn. A whole new type of TV is emerging, and that includes digital video, which we now watch from the same device. Take this into consideration: from 2012 to 2015, the average monthly online video consumption per person in the US increased from 165 hours per month to 177 hours. That’s a whole lotta’ content. Not only that, it’s better than ever. From corporate video to the faces of business big and small — increased production value is literally being forced on everyone in the business in order to compete. Where will your business be in 2016, 2017, and beyond?


One thing we’ve heard loud and clear this year was that if you know where your target audience is, you’ve won half the battle. Adequate research before embarking on video production is crucial to making every minute in the editing room count. What we know about our clients beforehand will have every effect on the type of content we produce for them. This in turn has the truest value on level of engagement. Know your audience, yes. Know where they are, absolutely.


Looking to produce video content but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re an old hand at digital, but need some fresh ideas to keep you going. Media Button has a long history of producing successful content and (once we’re back from Vegas), we would love to speak to you about your next project.


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