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Basically we’re in the business of making people look their best – online.  Sometimes clients approach us because they want a dynamic presence on the worldwide stage, sometimes because they need a quick fix to their existing website, sometimes it’s a make- over and sometimes it’s a complete overhaul.

Wall to Wall Kitchens was a makeover. They wanted to refresh their site with a design that reflected the quality of craftsmanship of their company. They needed a site that showed clients the range the contemporary designs they created.

Moreover, they wanted a responsive site optimized for organic search results.

Our designer took the task in hand, and onto his mac, where he translated lines, squiggles, creative thoughts and a multitude of images into a sublimely sophisticated website.





It was determined that a clean design would reflect the contemporary custom-made kitchens. Clean design is often mistaken for minimalism – but – it’s not!  In basic terms, minimalism means using the bare minimum of whatever is required; however, as you can see with this website there are plenty of images and information on every page.

A clean website design requires the precise positioning of each element, adequate use of white space, a careful combination of colors. Font style and line spacing are equally important, and it takes a good eye, experience and expertise to choose the words that look good online – no matter what they say…

Websites are both dynamic and static, as visual beings our eyes are trained to be attracted to and follow moving objects, hence the magnetism of television, gifs  and the effectiveness of even the most annoying banner ads.

Designers must also take into account user ability. This means making sure navigation is simple, information is laid out in quick to read chunks, and the most pertinent information easily available.

Wall to Wall design and build kitchens, this means their clients want to see what they do, they want to see the product in situ – a gallery was needed – and added.

Galleries are often just a page of unsatisfying thumbnails, the gallery for Wall to Wall was designed for the user experience; image size had to be large enough to satisfy a scrolling search, but small enough to showcase the a large product range.

In the world of design, the choices of color, line, shape, font and placement are infinite. It takes a savvy professional to deliver a seemingly simple design.

However, at the end of the day it is our job to make our clients look good and help their business succeed. Did we accomplish our task – darn right we did! Thanks to our designer.


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