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Do you want your audience to hear? Or, do you want them to listen?

High-quality, well written and expertly produced audio works to engage listeners and encourage them to pay careful attention to your message.

Your audience is listening

Creating impressions with voiceover audio

Most marketing and media companies rely almost exclusively on the sense of sight to communicate who they are, what they do and why they matter. Yet, the latest technologies continue to foster the intentional use of music, sound and voice to create a connection between people and organizations. At Media Button, we understand the influence of strategic audio communication and it’s unquestionable potential to create lasting impressions for you and your brand.

Applications range from:

  • Audio for power point
  • Pod-casts,
  • Radio ads
  • Audio  interviews
  • Audio for Video
  • On Hold and Voice Mail recording
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Your audience is listening

Hear the difference quality makes

In-house sound studio. Trained technicians. Voice talent.

A strategic, professional approach to audio in marketing can provide a unique advantage in today’s marketplace where radio, video, mobile phone, podcast and other internet communications rely largely on sound. The effectiveness of your marketing message hinges on the quality, selection and delivery of music, voice, audio effects and even well-timed silence.

At Media Button, we are well-versed in the world of audio branding and communication and offer the following to benefit our clients:

  • A comfortable, soundproof, fully-equipped studio
  • The latest in digital technology for quality sound
  • Expert scriptwriters on staff
  • Extensive music and sound libraries
  • Talented male and female voice talent
  • Multilingual narration

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Hear the difference quality makes

Creating an audio experience on hold

We make it our business

Media Button’s sister company, Sold on Hold Phone Messaging™, is a leading music-on-hold and message-on-hold company creating effective telephone messages for customers throughout Canada and the US.

To learn more about how we can help you captivate, educate and entice your listeners while they are on hold, click here and visit our Sold on Hold website.

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Creating an audio experience on hold