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What drives people
to be influenced?

New product? Want to raise the profile and awareness of an existing product? Media Button has a wealth of experience helping clients present their products and services to the world, and to their own internal teams, and everything in between.

A product video needs to be more than a collection of “money shots”. At Media Button we believe a product video should inspire, inform and engage. And we speak from experience! The myriad product videos we’ve crafted over the years span from ingenious new Apps to cool mobile drilling machines, international online auctions to the future of renewable energy.

What drives people to be influenced? What is the best approach? How do you create distinction in the pitch? How do we ensure the presentation and style fits the brand? These are just a few of the many questions we’ll help you answer.

Some common product videos.

  • New product launch
  • Internal orientation and awareness
  • Sales and marketing campaigns
  • Product anniversary
  • Promotions
  • Liquidations

Media Button – Product promo demo reel.

We’re here to make a difference.

The combination of our over 15 years of video experience, facilities, equipment, focus and our team of award-winning creative professionals positions us to truly make a difference. Were here to make your next product video a success.

Tips for Product Videos

  • It’s about the product. Don’t give-in to the urge to tell your company story and throw in the kitchen sink to boot. This video is all about the product and the majority of your focus, and related screen time, should be on the product.
  • Keep it short. Viewers have grown weary of long-winded sales pitches. Let them know what the video is about early and keep your list of “must haves” short and sweet.
  • Make it fun. Brands like Dollar Shave Club, FedEx and many others have made millions with outrageously fun and offbeat videos. If your brand image will support an off-the-beaten-path style then you may want to let your hair down and give them a video that viewers will talk about!
  • Be authentic. Nothing will turn off a viewer faster than a video that comes across as shallow, unbelievable or worse as dishonest. Authenticity is critical for engaging your audience and instilling confidence in them about your brand and your product or service.
Sony FS7

Fully equipped
and ready to roll.

Our Vancouver and Kelowna video studios offer over 8,500 sq. of inspiring creative space in a light and sound controlled environment perfect for interviews, small-medium products, on camera presenters, greens screen filming and more!

  • 2 photo and video shooting studios

  • Pro video cameras and gear

  • Audio recording & production studio

  • Video editing suites

  • Pro lighting and sound

  • 4K UAV aerial drone, jib, & dolly

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