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While the media is important,
the message is critical.

While the media buy is important, the message is critical, and that starts with a great concept and ends with great results. What is your core messaging? How are you going to get the audience’s attention and hold it? What if they run to the fridge for snacks? Not to mention 30 or 60 seconds isn’t long. Every shot, every word and every action counts.

Our award winning team can help with defining the best approach and crafting an effective ad down to the finest detail. If you’re already working with an agency to develop your message, we can work with them focusing solely on the production and post-production elements to deliver on the vision.

Some common TV commercials.

  • National TV Ads
  • Local and regional TV campaigns
  • Quality Cable TV ads and digital signage

Media Button Sample Commercial Reel

We’re here to make a difference.

The combination of our over 15 years of video experience, facilities, equipment, focus and our team of award-winning creative professionals positions us to truly make a difference. We’re here to make your next TV commercial a success.

Tips for TV Commercials

  • Don’t scrimp on quality. Quality is an essential part of your ad campaign. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on making the video. A professional crew and equipment will ensure your ad is properly filmed and crafted.
  • Use a call to action. Unless you’re investing in strictly developing brand awareness the call to action is key to telling your viewers what to do next.
  • Keep it simple. You only have 30 – 60 seconds to convey your message and connect with the audience. In this case the term “less is more” is a mantra.
  • Create a storyline. The most effective ads incorporate more than product placement, they tell a story that the audience can connect with.
Sony FS7

Fully equipped
and ready to roll.

Our Vancouver and Kelowna video studios offer over 8,500 sq. of inspiring creative space in a light and sound controlled environment perfect for interviews, small-medium products, on camera presenters, greens screen filming and more!

  • 2 photo and video shooting studios

  • Pro video cameras and gear

  • Audio recording & production studio

  • Video editing suites

  • Pro lighting and sound

  • 4K UAV aerial drone, jib, & dolly

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