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Marketing and advertising creatives are constantly searching for new ways to engage their audience and as an audience we are hailed by humor, shock, emotion and a myriad of other advertising techniques that have been proven to grab out interest.

Lately though, these minds devoted to manipulation have realized the value of a good story.  In the last decade of website wonderland, we have been bombarded by the phrase “content is king” (sigh),  now marketers are digging a little deeper to find that at the base of content is the nucleus of a story.

Storytelling as a means of engaging the audience is the right royal hand of Internet engagement, to call it king would erroneous because cats are clearly the kings of Internet content.

Storytelling is now being adopted as the driving feature of websites to engage the audience in a unique user experience. Even ecommerce sites are jumping on the tell-a-story-to-catch- a-client bandwagon.

So let’s take a look at stories told…

Once upon a time, there was a man who liked to hit a small white ball into a small green hole with a long metal pole. As funny as this may sound, this pastime became quite popular and many people enjoyed watching other people who were particularly good at hitting the small white ball into a small hole. Specials poles, clothes and even vehicles were fashioned around this game… and to sell these products, an interactive website followed the story of a man, who once upon a time…


The next tale in the telling is one of loss and suffering. A story of thirty species told in thirty pieces. A tragedy, the flip side of comedy, where the story ends in tears not laughter, however, this story has not yet ended. A uniquely displayed interactive exhibition where the stories are fact, and, unfortunately for us, not fiction.


The next website designed to tell a story well, has 456 stories to tell. These stories weave through a world wide web of travel, over mountains and deserts, through rivers and over roads. To follow these stories is an interactive experience, where you follow Land Rover all over the globe.

 Screenshot 2015-04-09 11.24.49

And the adventure continues with stories from Patagonia and beyond. Patagonia tap into real life stories from real adventurer types who share their tales of sport, exploration and adventures. Patagonia places the story before the product, with their line of goods being shown as an afterthought, somethings you may need for your own grand adventure.

 Screenshot 2015-04-09 12.47.19


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