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Our Kelowna website design studio serves many clients from a range of different industries, each with budgets of varying size. To find inspiration for each new project we take a look around the Internet to see what’s new and fantastic, from a design and user experience perspective.

The beauty of our connected world is that we have access to some of the most wonderful website designs.  Kelowna is a small city, but our view of the world is expansive and we can explore websites from China to Sweden.

Here’s what we have found out there this week.

Uniqlo: User experience is the standard guide for today’s websites and companies are investing in new ways of engaging users, offering products is no longer enough. Uniqlo go all out in this site to offer a unique experience with their life tools page, staying true to the Uniqlo brand of being unique, international and at the vanguard of user experience.


Bose:  A stunning site that appeals to viewers who want an aesthetic experience with substance.


 Gogoro: If you have a new product and want a website to display all features, a site like gogoro works beautifully to showcase products.



Airbnb: The site opens with an animated corporate video, but this can easily be skipped taking the viewer to a great image of planet earth, which you can spin like a globe and click on a location to view how many people stayed in Airbnb locations. Fun site, lots of fun little icons, like flying planes and famous landmarks, this website receives a resounding thumbs up for UX.  They also found a fun way of incorporating a hashtag stream onto their site.



Dehaus: This fun site requires no clicking – just sit back and watch the show and all information will be revealed.  Cool site for a cool bar – and store…


In Kelowna, website design is a growing industry, creatives from all over Canada are beginning to view this small city as a playground, mostly thanks to our unique microclimate, vineyards and ski hill.

As our talent base grows, clients quickly begin to realise they don’t have to go to large agencies in big cities to find the latest ideas.

The Internet began with a dream to provide people the ability to work from any location. With amazing talent emerging from unlikely places, it looks like the dream is becoming a reality.

Every week we’ll explore, from our office in Kelowna, the best in web design and development, to find the latest inspiring sites from companies around the world.


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