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The Film and Video Production Community in Kelowna kicks off this week in anticipation for a new round of ground-breaking documentaries at the 12th Annual Travelling World Community Film Festival March 12-15th, 2015.

The Travelling World Community Film Festival provides a priceless service; they screen and select the best documentaries from around the world and work tirelessly to bring these films to public attention. Without these small festival screenings, most of these films would be unseen and worse, the stories unheard.  

In a world of increasing media noise, most citizens remain unaware and uninformed of the many social and environmental issues that degrade our planet and the daily lives of so many people. Only by bringing the issues to our attention can we take a stand, only by being aware and informed can we make a change.

Admission to films is FREE, how often do you find such an inclusive and ethically driven film festival? Donations are accepted both to support the festival AND for the  Ki-low-na Friendship Centre and Inn from the Cold.

This year the festival plays host to 30 documentary films from around the world on a diverse range of consciously driven topics from environmental concerns to human rights issues.

This year’s lineup includes:


 Above all Else a dramatic and inspiring documentary about a group of activists and landowners in East Texas who are taking peaceful direct action to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. An intimate portrait of the protesters, this film shows the personal struggles and sacrifices the protesters endure in their determination to take a stand.

Directed by John Fiege and executive produced by Daryll Hannah

Best North American Documentary

All the Time in the World,  Many of us deal with the stress of living a rat race lifestyle, but what’s the alternative – and – would we like it? This documentary follows a family of five as they leave their home to live in the wilderness of the Yukon.  In search of a new perspective, the parents leave their jobs and take their three children (ages 10, 8 and 4) to spend nine months  living in a small cabin with no road access, electricity, running water, Internet, TV or phone. Clocks and watches are also conspicuous by their absence.  And yes, they spend a winter in the Yukon.

Directed by Suzanne Crocker

Most Popular Canadian Documentary, Vancouver Int’l Film Festival


 Koch Brothers Exposed            

FinallyThis documentary is a hard-hitting investigation exposing the worst of the 1%. The film uncovers the corruption of the world’s two richest and most powerful men, brothers Charles and David Koch,  they fund organizations with a mandate to support the interests of the Koch brothers at any cost, and the cost is always environmental degradation and the abuse of human rights. This film puts a face to the faceless ones.

Director: Robert Greenwald

 These are just a few of the films to shown throughout the week. Films will be screened at UBC Okanagan, Ki low Na Friendship Centre and at Okanagan College (KLO Campus). A full schedule of films with synopsis can be found at



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