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Still asking yourself whether or not corporate video is for you? If the answer to that question is yes, clearly you haven’t been reading our latest blogs. From corporate brand short films to the value of video testimonials, the question is not whether video is here to stay but how photogenic your business is. Here we look at the top 5 corporate video trends for 2017.

If you’re at all involved in customer service, video valets are the new tutorial. Frustrated with weak customer care, impersonal automated systems, and slow email support, customers are demanding a more personal experience. Face-to-face customer support via webcam is proving to be an effective solution for both sides of the screen. Enhanced personal interaction speeds up troubleshooting, and both customer and service provider are more likely to be polite and patient with someone they can actually see. Even if it is only on a screen. With its well-received “Mayday” button on Kindle, Amazon was one of the first to jump on board. No doubt this will inspire others to do the same.
Piggybacking on the success of Snapchat, Instagram launched ‘Instagram Stories’ this previous summer. An app for iOS and Android, it allows users (including businesses) to post photo or video slideshows that disappear after 24 hours. Using the app to shoot full screen or uploading a selection of photos or videos from the previous 24 hours of your camera roll, IS merges your content into a slideshow that you can save before or after posting. And the fact that you can add effects like emojis to your latest cat video is almost as attractive as the content’s ability to be repurposed.
I often think of my favourite talk or interview shows as a great example of how powerful live streaming is. Before the Internet, this medium of television was about as close as one could get to feeling a connection with the person onscreen. Particularly for smaller business without large marketing budgets, live video streaming can be incredibly effective at giving your business a real edge over your competition. Not only does your audience have an opportunity to see the people behind the business, it creates a connection no other type of video can. With more devices operating with a live stream function, it becomes a type of branding in itself.
Traditionally, announcements are made during a conference and then released to the public. But even in the age of Twitter and Snapchat, there are drawbacks to this method. Filming a conference allows the audience to become part of the experience. Imagine if Steve Jobs had had the opportunity to do this when he unveiled the first Apple computer. Globalization often means that our audience reaches far beyond our physical capabilities. If we are to capitalize on this, we need to ensure that we think of them as well. Not only that, conference videos can be repurposed for other platforms, posted on social media channels, and a terrific way to introduce new employees to your business model.
Cyberspace is a big, crowded place and becoming more so by the day. With all these new businesses competing, it makes sense to narrow the viewpoint. Targeting a specific niche market means employing more personal, attentive marketing. As a result, this will be reflected in the type and content of videos we see in 2017. Expect businesses to go after smaller segments of their market, as they monitor more closely who their core audience is and why.
Here at Media Button our priority is helping clients tell their story. If you have an idea you would like to toss around, contact us today. We love meeting new people just as much as we love new ideas.


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