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Multi-platform video advertising has taken over and 2016 proves it. From social media video campaigns to Super Bowl commercials, the medium is a modern business’s must. Here we have a look back on some of the top video advertisers of 2016 and what they did right.



As per usual, ADWEEK weighed in with their picks for top ten best ads for 2016. While there were many heavy hitters (and budgets) amongst them, not all were full of special effects or celebrities. One of our personal favourites was a Super Bowl commercial from Jeep. A video collage featuring portraits of Jeep owners, the spartan ad was narrated by a captivating voice-over that kept us engaged but focused on the images. We weren’t the only ones either; the ad won the Super Clio for best ad of the Super Bowl.

Takeaway: By directing the focus outward, it succeeded in creating a stirring image of the ‘type’ of person who either drives a Jeep or has had some connection to it (from Old Hollywood glamour girl Marilyn Monroe to anonymous owners).

H & M

Another big-ticket winner was H & M, which took its cue from the Christmas season. Featuring Oscar-winner Adrien Brody and directed by Wes Anderson, Brody plays a conductor whose train hits bad weather and is heavily delayed over the holidays. Instead of sulking, Brody’s character decides to find a way to celebrate with everyone on board regardless. Naturally, almost everyone in the video is wearing clothes from H & M’s winter line.

Takeaway: The ubiquitous but subtle presence of H & M’s clothing throughout the ad was a good reminder that your product can be the star of the show without overpowering the story.



With a nod from AdHere as being 1 of the top 10 most influential social media marketing campaigns of 2016, Chatbooks soared onto our radar this year as well. A subscription photo book service, they produced a clever 4-minute video featuring a “real mom” talking directly to the camera. Aimed at mothers, we follow our everywoman throughout a typical day as she all but obliterates the “scrapbooking supermom” stereotype. Digging her children out from piles of laundry as chaos unfolds around her, the dialogue is an extremely clever balance between relating to the audience and telling us about the product.

Takeaway: This company clearly did its research. Not only is the video relatable, it pokes fun at the patronizing stereotypes often aimed at this demographic by other advertisers. Fun & informative hand-in-hand.

Stats: As of writing this blog, the video has amassed:

  • Over 12 million hits on YouTube
  • Almost half a million shares on Facebook
  • Over 270,000 Facebook likes
  • Over 68,000 Facebook comments


Advertised as “snack-sized videos you’ll want to try,” Tasty is a relatively young pilot from BuzzFeed. Featuring videos no more than a minute in length, these quick recipes have gained millions of followers. Riding the coattails of Tasty’s success is TastyJunior and Nifty, a DIY site. Marketed by the head of global strategic projects at Buzzfeed, Andrew Gauthier, the videos are simple but the sheer number and variety of them impressive; not only that, they’re straightforward with no complicated editing or fancy digital footwork.

Takeaway: These videos aren’t fancy and they don’t fill a “niche” market. Tasty focused on consistency, volume, and variety as key factors for success.

Stats: As of writing this blog, the video has amassed:

  • Over 700,000 followers on Pinterest (categories like seafood dinners to goodful)
  • Over 85 million Facebook followers
  • Over 85 million Facebook likes
  • Over 620,000 Facebook shares


While we often reference big brands here in our blog, we’re careful to choose examples that any business can benefit from. From the power of a well-crafted storyline to the advantages of consistency, video is a medium that can be employed with success for virtually every business.



If you would like to talk about integrating video into your marketing strategy, feel free to give us a call. We love meeting new people and are always here to kick some new ideas around.


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