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Gone are the days when analytics were used simply to increase website traffic. Today most video hosting sites, YouTube included, offer video analytics that provide data on more than just who is watching your video. Instead you can learn at what point viewers are clicking away, your view rate, and even your average CPV. Learning how to use analytics to help improve your video’s effectiveness will improve your future marketing strategy, and help save you time and money.
Typically you will find the analytic section of your video hosting service on the dashboard. In AdWords and similar advertising services, you will find your video analytics under “All campaigns.” From there information is broken down into a number of categories that display information such as:

• VIEWS are the number of times someone has watched your video.
• VIEW RATE is the number of views your video ad gets divided by how many times it’s shown.
• CPV is the average amount you will pay when someone watches or engages with your video.
• DEMOGRAPHICS will tell you the gender and location of your viewers.
• DISCOVER REPORT is available from YouTube and will tell you where people are playing your videos (mobile device, blog, or video page).
• AUDIENCE RETENTION is also a YouTube tool that will allow you to see how you compare to other videos of a similar length.
• CTR or CLICKTHROUGHRATE is how many clicks your ad receives, then divided by how many times your ad is shown
• ENGAGEMENTS are the number of clicks viewers participate in using any interactive elements on your video (card teasers, for example).
• VIDEO VIEWERSHIP typically splits your video into 4 categories, showing how many times it played to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%
Unsurprisingly, what you see above are only the most commonly used analytics. There are, of course, additional analytics such as earned views, earned subscribes, earned likes and a number of others. But today, we’re going to focus first on video viewership.

What’s happening in your viewership is perhaps the most powerful indicator of your video’s success. Data tells us that very few viewers will watch an entire video, regardless of length. But knowing at what point they tune out is priceless information. This way you can focus your efforts on finding out why they’re tuning out, and on not repeating the same mistake.

For example…

You’re attracting viewers but they’re tuning out almost immediately. In our experience, you’ve likely either overpromised or under delivered. Either way, it can usually be chalked up to misrepresentation. This could be the video’s description (sounds way better than it really is), image (looks way better than it really is), or title (not even related to what it is). In the end, all it does is piss people off. Don’t promise something you can’t or don’t deliver in your video. Try reading our recent blog post on Using Video to Showcase Your Products for some good tips.
Your discover report is a powerful tool if used correctly. One of the most important factors to consider here is whether your videos are being watched on mobile. If the answer is yes and your content is not mobile friendly you need to (1) fix this a.s.a.p, and (2) read our blog on creating mobile friendly content. In a day and age where up to 70% of video is viewed on a mobile device, you simply cannot afford to make this mistake.

On the other hand. If viewers are coming to your blog or video page to watch your videos, it’s probably because they’re engaging in additional content there. This is a great opportunity to enhance engagement by cross-pollinating your videos with other content. For example, let’s say you’ve shot a great video of you preparing your bakery’s famous cherry cake. Why not include a pdf with a recipe, and a great blog on which cherries are best to bake with.
If you’d like to have a chat with some folks who have been doing this a while, give us a call. We are devoted video content gurus and have a knack for marketing too.


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