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When used properly, a green screen in video productions can add value. A green screen can provide a creative edge, enforce your brand or simply guarantee control over the look of your video production.

From music videos to corporate videos, a green screen could be the answer to getting the look and location you want for your video production. Don’t have one? Don’t worry, you can rent a green screen studio when shooting your video, or if you have to shoot on location, in an office or store you can hire a portable green screen. 


There are many good reasons you should consider renting a green screen studio for your video production, here are just a few:

1: Lower cost alternative to going on location. When carefully lit and shot by a professional camera operator, the green screen offers you the ability to make it look like you are on location – even when you are in the studio. If you need the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop for your next interview, the green screen can give you the look you want within the budget you have.

2: Control. Every filmmaker knows the many pitfalls of shooting on location, the light quickly changes, clouds and weather can’t be controlled, neither can external noise or pedestrians and animals. Shooting in studio gives you all the control you need, it never rains, or snows, there are no delays due to weather and there’s no one waving in the background. Renting a green screen studio gives you full control with a large choice of locations.

3: Creativity at your fingertips. Renting a green screen studio allows the option of adding a wide range of creative elements to your video; you can include graphics or infographics as a backdrop or brand logos. An interview can have a background of a range of images to back up your message, adding impact and engaging your viewer with visual stimulation.

4: People and Products. If you need to shoot a video in an office or in an aesthetically deficient location, a portable green screen is the answer to improving your background. It  is also a great solution for shooting products in shops, basements or factory floors. If a white background is required, a green screen is the only way to guarantee a professional and flawless white background.

5: Virtual sets. Building a set is an expensive endeavor in both time and materials. Even putting up a set and tearing it down can break a small budget. Hiring a green screen is a cost effective way of having the background that you want, when and where you want. No extra crew, time or money needed.

6: Flexibility, Consistency and Long-term Usability. If the video production requires shoots in multiple locations, let’s say the interviewees are in different states or offices,  a portable green screen allows you to create a consistent look with the flexibility of shooting in various locations. This also makes it easy to add footage to the video at a later date. With a green screen you can easily recreate the background, or if a logo is placed on the background and the company re-brands the logo, a green screen backdrop means the video can match the new brand with a quick edit.

Lighting, camera angles, directing and composition all play a key role in using a green screen to its full potential. And one thing is for sure, the only way to guarantee a professional video is by hiring professional equipment and crew.


At Media Button, you will find all the professional equipment needed to use the green screen effectively. We offer our clients portable green screens and greens screen studios for rent, with sound treated studios, full lighting, with or without green screen floor and editing and compositing services. In short, all the crew and equipment needed from a quality video production studio. If you would like to rent a Vancouver green screen studio or a green screen studio in Kelowna, give us a call we can help you out.


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