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Static landing pages have gone the way of the dodo. In the last year or two alone, the prominence of video featured on landing pages has increased exponentially. And with good reason. Increasing conversion rates by up to 80% or more, incorporating a video on your landing page is essential. But just how to use your landing page as a stage for your video still takes some creative muscle.

Put Your Best Work Forward

Whatever message you decide to put in your video, you can bet that viewers will retain it. Far more than with print, the multi-sensory experience video provides allows us to remember it more easily. With this in mind, your best video should be featured above the fold on your landing page. This is the very first experience someone will have with you and your business, so this is where it counts most.

Don’t Confuse Your Audience By Getting Too Creative

Make sure that your video accurately reflects your business. Most likely it will not have audio, so you need to ask yourself if it will make sense to a first-time visitor to your site? You don’t want to confuse people about what you’re offering or can provide them with. If you did get a little creative, don’t worry. You can use an overlay with written copy to explain that your snowboard shop is using a video of a dancing cupcake because they like it frosty.
Include a Kick-Butt Thumbnail

It goes without saying that videos need to entice viewers into clicking on them. If you want to include other videos below the fold on your landing page, you’ll need some kick-butt thumbnails to go with them. Instead of using a static image from your video, you can try a looping video instead. More dynamic that a stationary image, you would be surprised how much information you can relay to a visitor in just 2-3 seconds.

Personalize Your Landing Page Video

We’ve seen some pretty great stuff out there, but what grabs our attention and holds it most is a personalized video. Telling your product or company’s story through a brief explainer video conveys more than any text ever could. Your unique way of communicating, including your nonverbal body language and facial expressions belong to no one else. Even if you’re in a competitive field, this specificity helps to individualize your unique gifts and abilities.

Repurpose The Content of your Video Elsewhere

Some people might not watch your whole video or they may get distracted, so it’s key to echo the main message in text. This does not need to be a full recap of the video, just the key takeaways. It may be no more than a sentence or two that describes what your business does and how. Be succinct, be authentic, and stick with language that will resonate and stay true to your audience.

Pay Attention To Design

In a recent blog highlighting landing page trends for 2017 from marketing company KlientBoost, creative ways of using video was discussed at length. Among some of the best advice was to use a full-screen video that loops in the background with an overlay. This gives you the flexibility to keep your landing page content front and centre, while using the video to showcase other elements of your product or business. Using CoSchedule as an example, this design is both dynamic and a great way to communicate brand.

Use Different Types Of Video

Using differing types of video on your landing page can serve to enhance and repeat your message. Animated GIFs can be used to convey your brand’s message, product demos, special offers, and more. They can tie into or piggyback on a thought or idea that you introduced in your main video, while also serving a secondary purpose as great source material for sharing via social media.

Want to Talk Video?

If you have an idea for a landing page video, or would like to toss some ideas around feel free to give us a call. A collective of creative minds specializing in video production, we love meeting new people.


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