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Of all the tools in the modern marketing toolbox, it’s video content that has been crowned King. And while once seen as a dated advertising tool, video testimonials have undergone a major makeover. In today’s digital age, the value of video testimonials in corporate communications is as important as any other video content. And just as persuasive too. Let us show you how.
At one time a video testimonial was just that: a testimony of your skills, product or business by a satisfied customer. And while essentially this still describes what a video testimonial is, the execution has progressed considerably.

Video testimonials used to feature a talking head, a product demo (think exercise equipment), or, worse yet, a paid spokesperson showering your business with compliments. But in today’s global village, businesses recognize our appetite for authenticity and connectedness. We don’t want to hear a bunch of people praising a product; we want to know how it made them feel. Combining customer appreciation with our deep desire to connect with others has become the ultimate method of telling a success story.


Video testimonials are multi-purpose. As with all video content, one of the biggest benefits is the sheer amount of information you can get across in a short period of time. Not only that, the location, music, tone, colours and type of people you choose to be featured all tell a story about your business. Video testimonials provide a trust-building mechanism, but can also present an opportunity to glimpse inside the business itself.

In a blog from Animoto, a video testimonial created by The Blessed Bean coffee shop in Australia was referenced. Along with on-site testimonials from the café’s “regulars,” you see the types of coffee they make, how, and by who. It gives a sense of atmosphere and environment to go along with the testimonials, enhancing our experience.

A few benefits of video testimonials:

• Use the most sought-after type of advertising: Word of Mouth
• Can be repurposed for presentations, press releases & live events
• Can be used to serve as product demo
• Builds trust with audience/customers
• Helps to build reputation
• Enhances branding
• Can showcase online reviews
• Increases engagement
A great way to incorporate video testimonials is to dedicate an entire page to them on your website. People are busy and rarely spend the time it takes to read through written testimonials. And why would they when they can watch them instead?

In another great blog we stumbled across, Hubspot’s ‘Testimonial Page Examples You’ll Want to Copy’ talks up ChowNow. And it’s true; they do have a testimonial page to make one green with envy. An online ordering system for restaurants, ChowNow features a high-quality collection of 2-3 minute “client stories” videos. In them, clients talk about ChowNow’s platform and how it’s changed their business for the better. We also get a chance to see ChowNow’s offices and food, and they offer links to their clients’ sites as well. Pretty classy if you ask us.
Today companies use video testimonials to tell the story of who is using their service and why. As advertising has matured we’ve realized collectively that no one wants to be clobbered over the head with a message. Even if it’s a good one! Stories are more interesting than any product or service, and everyone has one.


Here at Media Button our priority is helping clients tell their story. If you have an idea you would like to toss around, contact us today. We love meeting new people just as much as we love new ideas.


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