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Gone are the days when to work in video production you had to live in Toronto. In 2013, Vancouver’s film and television industry had a direct economic impact of $125-million  – not including post-production, animation or gaming work.

Last year, 30 TV series, 18 feature films, including Fifty Shades of Grey, 107 commercials and 11 pilots were all shot in Vancouver and this doesn’t include a vast variety of independent films and documentaries and the corporate video production industry.

And in the first quarter of 2014, business has increased by 36 percent. After four years in Vancouver shooting Fringe, J.J Abrams and Fox Television came back to BC to shoot sci-fi drama, Almost Human.

Vancouver’s production scene is thriving and the city has played its part in helping to make Vancouver a viable shoot location by making it easier to obtain permits.

Vancouver night skyline | Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Andrew Budreski

According to the chairman of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association, Peter Leitch, BC offers world-class crews and diverse scenic locations that range from the lower mainland to the interior; Kamloops was the stand in locale for Egypt and Osoyoos has been the backdrop for Westerns.

Production Company, Paperny, helped put Vancouver on the map in television production with the hit series The Week the Women Went and Eat Street, proving that Vancouver could hold its own in the world of television and video production.

But the segment of the film and video production industry that puts Vancouver on the top of list is in CG, visual effects and animation.

Angelina Jolie in Disney’s Maleficent, 2014

Vancouver is now ranked as the number one city for CG, outranking Los Angeles and beating London, who came in second. Dreamworks has a $100 million work plan in the pipes and Local companies did the visual effects for Maleficent and FIFA 2014 video games.

Digital Domain 3.0, Prime Focus, Industrial Light & Magic, Sony and MPC have set up shop permanently in Vancouver, making it a hugely attractive destination for creative talent in this field.

But, unfortunately, drawing talented workers to the city is proving to be difficult thanks to the soaring property prices and low availability of reasonable housing, ha – like we didn’t know that already!


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