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With one of the highest rates of female entrepreneurship in the world, women-owned businesses contribute approximately $20 billion to the overall Canadian economy. Yet of all the demographics, it’s women that continue to feel largely overlooked and misunderstood by advertisers. Here we explore the ways in which video content can help empower female entrepreneurs, and allow them to connect with other women (and men) in their audience.


Sabrina Parsons is the CEO of Palo Alto Software and developer of the best-selling business management software, LivePlan. In a recent Huff Post article, Parsons pointed out how our technology revolution has given us more tools to run our businesses than ever before. Particularly for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses for whom affordability is a key factor, SaaS apps can help optimize your customer service, accounting and financial management.
This same attitude applies to the marketing and development of your company. Whereas at one time your only option for video was to dish out large amounts of money for a commercial or infomercial, today video is an affordable option that can be played on YouTube channels or other platforms for no cost at all. For female entrepreneurs, this provides the perfect opportunity to tell the world why your business is different.


With the rise of female owned companies at an all-time high, women-owned businesses are the fastest-growing segment of Canada’s business sector. As a female entrepreneur, if you are interested in reaching out to other women we probably don’t need to tell you where to find them — online.

Women are highly social beings and this extends to their “online self.” In a recent article from RapidBoost, 2017: Canadians Love Social Media But Canadian Businesses Hate To Embrace It, some interesting numbers were put forth. Not only do women outrank men in social media engagement with over 70% of female users on Facebook every week compared to 56% of men, they are information hungry and “outrank men in online searches, participation, posting and sharing information.” In essence, it seems more natural for women to create and share video because, if you look at the numbers, they’re doing it anyway. As a female entrepreneur, you can benefit from women’s desire to socialize and use it to your business’s advantage.

Canadians also love video.

Almost 70% of Canadians engage regularly in watching videos, as well as sharing and uploading them. And video sharing and watching is more popular than other types of social networking. For female entrepreneurs, video is a powerful way to connect with your potential audience, but particularly with other women.

Online marketing strategist, Ali Salman, has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies. Among his 5 top tips for growing your business is to create a video about your product or service. Not only can you compress a lot of information into a short video, you can use it as your calling card across all social media platforms. Canadian businesses are already well behind their US counterparts in social engagement, particularly with Gen Y, who is the most connected group of all. With 1.5 billion subscribers across YouTube and other video sharing platforms, female entrepreneurs who actively engage using these resources will be far ahead of their counterparts.


Extrovert or introvert (read our recent blog about how to make video as an introvert here), video can help to enhance your self-confidence. The Female Entrepreneur Association is a great resource for women who currently run their own business, as well as those who are thinking about finally making the leap.

In their How She Did It section, they feature the personal stories of a number of female entrepreneurs who talk about how they struck out on their own to build a successful business. Time and time again women say that, despite being difficult in the beginning, promoting their business through video and PR has done wonders for their self-confidence. Particularly when starting out, sometimes it’s necessary to be your own biggest cheerleader and expressing yourself through video can help overcome some of these personal hurdles.


We remember the teeth-chattering moment years ago when we first opened our own business. Talking to another entrepreneur who understands the struggles you face can be helpful in taking the next step to grow your business. Feel free to contact us about your video, we love meeting new people.


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