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As a B2C business, you know the value of using video marketing to reach your clients. According to Forrester’s research, one minute of video is worth $1.8 million and Axonn Research found that seven out of 10 people view brands more favourably after watching the brand’s interesting video content.

video marketing trends for 2015


And here are some more stats to prove the power of video in your marketing strategy: the average Jo will remember 10% of text and 95% of a video 72 hours after viewing.

A good video will be shared, potentially, increasing reach exponentially until reaching viral proportions, and all under the banner of earned media, the most coveted media status out there.

Video for B2C marketing is a no-brainer, think the Dollar Shave Club, Budweiser’s Puppy Love or First Kiss, all these videos went viral reaching 100s of millions of viewers. That’s the value of video.

There is no doubt that video marketing is good for B2C but what about B2B? According to a study by Forbes Insights, in association with Google, executives now regard video as an accepted source of business information. 

B2B buying decisions are based on both actual differentiations of value, and perceptions of value. In a competitive market when the value difference is marginal, what would persuade your client to buy your product or service – a damn good video that’s what.

This brand video for Astrium is highly emotive and engaging; it relates the services of Astrium (highly technical, geo-information data) to people on the ground.

Showing a video like this to your client after a 3-hour meeting might be the endnote that seals the deal or swings the vote in favor of your company instead of towards your competitors.

You may doubt the veracity of using parody in B2B marketing videos but this example from Taulia proves that you can.

Taulia provides cloud-based invoice, payment and dynamic discounting management solutions. This jargon heavy list of techy services desperately needed a creative approach to attract the interest of clients. Their parody of the award-winning “Get Rid of Cable” campaign by Direct TV was used to explain their services in simple terms and to gain the trust and loyalty of their target market.

Business People are people first and this means they are just as susceptible to marketing and advertising techniques as everyone else. The best way to build trust and loyalty for a brand is to appeal to our human instincts: our emotions, our humor, our desires.

The common misconception of B2B video content is that it is going to be boringly corporate. Simply not true. If executives must watch a three to five minute video they want to be engaged, informed, and if possible, entertained. Moreover, all products and services, whether selling forms or foam, can be given a creative edge by a creative video marketing company.

Yes, you can use humor, emotion and parody in B2B video marketing, the trick is to do it well, because a  video with high production value speaks to the quality of your company.

Still in doubt about the power of video? According to Cisco’s projected numbers, video will own 69% of all consumer traffic online by 2017. Wouldn’t you rather be watching a video right now?


Media Button is full service video production and website design company with studios in Vancouver and Kelowna, B.C.



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