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One of the most important things about our video production studio in Vancouver is the gear. 

We like to stay on top of technological advances, and in video production, as in all areas of life these days, we’ve all seen technology leap to new levels of innovation.

Technology has taken us way beyond most things Star Trek and although we eagerly await the transporter to beam us to wherever we want to go (imagine – no more airports, bye bye customs) technology in film is becoming technologically sublime.

Take for example, the M10 Handheld Camera Stabilizer from Freefly,  this little beauty helps you follow the trickiest of movements with the grace and accuracy of a dancer on a dolly!

MoVi 10
the MoVi 10

At the soul of this technology lies a 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal that is handheld. This automatically adjusts the camera angle to follow shots that require constant movement with precision and stability.

In film and video production, we all know how difficult it is to shoot from cars or helicopters,  or anywhere accelerated speed can destabilize the shot;  following a skateboard, people or animals, or anytime the camera operator needs to move fast, can cause drift and erratic movements. Camera operators are so intent on keeping the shot steady that there’s no space for creative input.

The MoVi addresses those problems and makes shooting super instinctive. The operator can move the handles of the gimbal without losing stability of the image. The digital gimbal assesses the movements of the operator and automatically addresses the instability, stabilizing the pan and tilt movements.

MoVi 5 - the smaller, lighter version
MoVi 5 – the smaller, lighter version

The MoVi has built in control algorithms that use a highly accurate GPS system; this automatically corrects shifts in speed. The MoVi automatically adjusts the camera angle to hold a steady frame and it can adjust the frame hundreds of times per second, keeping the subject in the frame.

And, the motor drive system is quiet, there are no issues with capturing camera audio.

And what’s more, it has the technology to record the exact camera position, including the tilt, pan height, and roll angle, this is such a great asset to have when lining up shots for re-takes.

This technology is definitely on our Vancouver Production studio wish list.

Vincent LaFlorette put together this great video to show how the MoVi can improve moving shots.

 Told you it was sublime!


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