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Incorporating high-end video production into your company’s next awards gala will help bring an unprecedented level of excitement to the event and better reflect your organization’s brand and culture to those attending. You can bring a little “Academy Awards flare” to your special night! 

Earlier in March, Wood Works BC! held their annual Wood Design Awards, celebrating work from the wood industry’s leading architects, structural engineers, project teams and more. Since 2010, Wood Works! BC has trusted Media Button video production department with the role of producing dynamic video content for the gala, as a way of further engaging and entertaining the event’s invitees. It has proved a great way to “spice things up”, injecting relevant video content into the event and giving a more influential voice to Wood Works! BC’s brand.  

Below is an example of this year’s gala opener:

This video served as an excellent way to open the event and generate excitement throughout the gala, leading into the rest of the show. This year also happened to be the 10 year anniversary of the Wood Design Awards, offering an opportunity for President Mary Tracey to address the attendees and take a look back at awards recipients of years past (not seen in this video). In addition to the main video piece, we augmented the rest of the show with graphic/photo-based “winner videos”. The combination of HD visuals, sparkling audio quality, and high-quality graphics makes for a more captivating approach than a simple power point or slideshow. 

Later this summer, we will, once again, be dedicating our efforts to creating video content for the Earls Experience Awards. Each year, Earls Restaurants honors its team’s efforts with a stunning ceremony in Kelowna. We try to add as much of the “Earls Flavor” to all of their videos as we can, as well as injecting a little creative humour, to get the audience excited and amped up for the night’s festivities. Video is a great way to not only engage, but entertain! Earls uses video content to take their special night to an incredible level of fun and celebration, helping to showcase their (rather brilliant) corporate culture.

Media Button has been providing event video services to a variety of Vancouver and Kelowna companies and organizations for much of its history. Our creative team can handle all aspects of the production process, from concept and development, through to shooting and editing. If you’re looking to take your company’s upcoming awards gala to the next level, we’d love to help – please contact us!


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