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It’s no secret that video has quickly become one of the most powerful ways to communicate and influence your audience. The challenge is choosing the right video production company. We understand and we know how to help.

With over 25 years in the media-production industry, and over a decade in corporate video production, we have the experience, tools and talent to provide local and global business with inspired solutions. Our versatility is apparent by the diversity of our clients, their needs, stories, and objectives. All projects are produced within varying scopes and budgets. Serving Canada from our Kelowna video production studio along with our location in Vancouver BC, we’re all about finding the right solutions for each individual client.

The Media Button difference.
Going beyond a video.

The Media Button difference comes from our deep understanding of business, marketing, process, corporate culture, audience dynamics and in knowing how to relate all of that to the viewer to ultimately help your video and to get your business the results you want.

The combination of our facilities, equipment and team of award-winning creative professionals, positions us to make a difference. We believe a great video does far more than just “look good”. We think brand, we think target audience, and we think results. Most of all the Media Button difference lies in our genuine passion to help our clients succeed!

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Kelowna video production studio
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A focus on corporate video for over a decade on all
types of business-related video production.

If your needs are basic, we’re more than happy to take it on. If you’re looking for creative and high value production that sets your brand apart, we can deliver from start to finish …or anything in-between.


What can we do for your business?

We can meet your every need in video production. From single-camera interviews to large commercial projects. Our full service video production agency offers pre-production planning, scriptwriting, on-location or in-studio filming, video editing, narration, motion graphics and everything you’ll need… including a mean cup of coffee.

Some of our clients served…

21st Century Fox
Callahan Property Group
Cando Immigration
City of Kelowna
Hills Foods
Boys & Girls Club of Canada
Earls Restaurants
Novo Nordisk

Some of our featured projects…

Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software


Practice Management Software
Parenting Program

Parenting Program

Boys & Girls Club of Canada

Parenting Program
Equipment Spot

Equipment Spot


Equipment Spot
Naturally Better

Naturally Better


Naturally Better

Our Kelowna video production studio.

Nestled in one of Canada’s most beautiful settings, Kelowna, BC in the mission area, our studio is just 2 blocks from Okanagan Lake and just steps away from restaurants and a host of amenities. Media Button’s Kelowna studio is truly unique, originally one of Kelowna’s longest standing photography studios (Photography West dating back to the 1960’s). We substantially improved and modernized the studio and equipped it with the latest technology, while maintaining the creative characteristics that continue to inspire us every day. We offer the perfect environment for formal or casual strategic and creative meetings, complete with an 800 square foot photo and video studio, spacious lobby, green room, editing suites, audio recording studio, free parking and an awesome cappuccino maker. Media Button Kelowna boasts a crew of experienced video specialists that are sure to impress even more than our facility, working closely with the team at our Vancouver studio . We’re proud to serve Kelowna, the Okanagan and almost all of British Columbia and beyond.

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Kelowna BC Company

Kelowna’s first fully-equipped
video and photo studio.

Media Button’s sound-treated production facility is perfect for productions of all types, from interviews and on-camera presentations to commercials and music videos.

recording studio

Only a 10 minute
bike ride to downtown

Less than 25 minutes to Kelowna International Airport


Kelowna Video Production Studio

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