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We've got a history of providing high-impact video solutions

With our state-of-the-art Kelowna studio and video production facility, Media Button has a long-standing history of providing Kelowna and the Okanagan with high-quality commercial and corporate video production. Our Kelowna and Vancouver studio and production facilities see us perfectly positioned to serve markets all over British Columbia and beyond. We are proud to support local businesses and individuals.

The Media Button Difference

At Media Button, we have the experience and expertise to help small to large businesses get noticed in today’s highly competitive market place. We know that communicating your message and brand effectively is vital to the success of your marketing initiatives.

And that’s where we can help.

By combining well-developed creative concepts with professional production services, we deliver effective commercial and corporate video solutions that deliver your brand messaging with impact.

From Concept to Final Edit

At Media Button, we work with you to develop the creative concept, produce quality video and deliver video solutions that speak to your audience.

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A focus on corporate video for over a decade in all types of business-related video production

If your needs are basic, we’re more than happy to take it on. If you're looking for creative and high value production that sets your brand apart, we can deliver from start to finish …or anything in-between.

From pre-production planning, scriptwriting, shooting on-location or in-studio, and editing services, Media Button offers full service production facilities. We are a one-stop shop for all your video production needs with extensive high-quality cameras and gear, audio and video editing suites, our own studio and a professional, award winning crew.

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  • Website Video
  • Corporate Video
  • Video Interviews
  • TV Commercials
  • Webmercials
  • Corporate Films
  • Product Promotion
  • Event Coverage
  • Music Videos
  • Tradeshow Video
  • President's message
  • Walk-on Video
  • Training Video
  • Video Tours
  • YouTube™ Videos
  • Fundraising video
  • Recruiting
  • Behind the scenes
  • Video Testimonials
  • Video Ads
  • Video training

Some of our clients served:

Video production clients we have served

Kelowna Video Production Studio

Our Kelowna Video Production Studio

Nestled in one of Canada’s most beautiful settings, Media Button’s Kelowna studio is the only one of its kind in the Okanagan Valley. The unique blend of talent and tools, gives us the capacity to provide our clients with a unique opportunity, as we offer services in web development, video production, graphic design and so much more.

Highlighted by a full-service shooting studio, our Media Button Kelowna provides the perfect environment for everything from interviews and presentations to still photography. You’ll also find high-performance HD video editing and 2D/ 3D compositing suites and a sound-treated multi-track recording studio. And with our Vancouver facility, Media Button is perfectly positioned to serve markets all over British Columbia and beyond.


Some quick facts about our Kelowna "one stop shop" production facility...
4 minute walk from our Kelowna Studio to the beach
139+ days of non-stop production music
our music library has over 100,000 tracks
green screen infographic, Kelowna
Our most popular equipment
Back-drop colour selection
5,000 square foot studio location

Also including an 800 square foot soundproof shooting studio


Latest news from our Video Production Department

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  • A Brief History of Corporate Video: From Seedling to Multimillion-Dollar Boon Ten years ago the first iPhone had just been introduced. If you wrote a blog you were a pioneer; and Twitter? 140 characters didn’t even exist. At the time, corporate videos were typical for “big” clients with a matching bank account; companies that could afford luxuries like a “scriptwriter” or “creative director”. Not any more. Over a single decade, corporate video has made the tectonic shift from seedling to multimillion-dollar boon. Cisco’s Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update may be a dense read, but the data is well worth it. Of the more hair-raising numbers, Cisco reported that by 2020 a whopping 75% of all mobile traffic will be video. That is three years away. When you combine that with the fact that in 2016 smart devices accounted for 89% of mobile data... more
  • Top 5 Corporate Video Trends for 2017 Still asking yourself whether or not corporate video is for you? If the answer to that question is yes, clearly you haven’t been reading our latest blogs. From corporate brand short films to the value of video testimonials, the question is not whether video is here to stay but how photogenic your business is. Here we look at the top 5 corporate video trends for 2017. VIDEO VALETS & THE DEMISE OF EMAIL SUPPORT If you’re at all involved in customer service, video valets are the new tutorial. Frustrated with weak customer care, impersonal automated systems, and slow email support, customers are demanding a more personal experience. Face-to-face customer support via webcam is proving to be an effective solution for both sides of the screen. Enhanced personal interaction speeds up... more
  • The Value of Video Testimonials in Corporate Communications Of all the tools in the modern marketing toolbox, it’s video content that has been crowned King. And while once seen as a dated advertising tool, video testimonials have undergone a major makeover. In today’s digital age, the value of video testimonials in corporate communications is as important as any other video content. And just as persuasive too. Let us show you how. WHAT IS A VIDEO TESTIMONIAL? At one time a video testimonial was just that: a testimony of your skills, product or business by a satisfied customer. And while essentially this still describes what a video testimonial is, the execution has progressed considerably. Video testimonials used to feature a talking head, a product demo (think exercise equipment), or, worse yet, a paid spokesperson showering your... more
  • Merge Business & Creativity Without the Sales Pitch It can be hard to learn how to merge business savvy and creativity without the sales pitch. No one wants to sound like a used car salesman, but let’s face have a product to sell. So how do you successfully market while combining business acumen with creative drive? Lose the sales pitch. Or, even better, don’t pitch in the first place. FACE YOUR DILEMMA HEAD-ONE When implementing a successful business and creative plan, identify where you are on the food chain. Are you a large corporate company? A freelancer? A small business? Each tends to bring its own set of challenges, so being aware of what you’re facing is key. Larger companies for example, are often seen as impersonal and anonymous. As a result, it can be hugely challenging to sell your product without... more
  • How to Communicate Your Vision Effectively in Video Content have a vision for your video project. You even have a great script or scripted material, and have hired talented professionals that can help you bring your project to life. You think your job is done. It’s not. Learning how to communicate your vision effectively in video content is an essential part of making your project a success. Without the ability to do this, the opus in your head may never translate onto the screen. To help you avoid a catastrophe of this magnitude, we’ve compiled a list of tips and a few resources to help you learn how to channel your inner Tarantino. LEARN TO COMMUNICATE YOUR VISION LIKE A DIRECTOR Video content is not that different from shooting a film. Unless you are doing everything yourself, you will require many of the same elements... more


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