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We realize that not all projects require our full suite of services, such as utilizing our team for strategy, concept development, scriptwriting, or the overall full-production treatment. Many clients and agencies know exactly what they want and may require nothing more than our quality gear, filming or editing expertise. At Media Button, we’re happy to provide you with a video production package that is flexible, cost-effective and customized to your specific needs.

Video Production Packages

Our video packages
Simplifying your options, sticking to your budget and providing you with quality.

Everyone likes options. And we understand that every project has unique requirements. So, while we will happily provide you with a cost-effective video production package, we won’t trap you inside the proverbial box! At Media Button, we custom-quote each package, to make sure it’s exactly what you want and need. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Here are a few common packages
we can custom-quote.

2-person interview-style

2-Person interview-style

These “60 minutes”-style, two-person interviews provide an even more intimate, real-time viewing experience than single-camera interviews. Sit opposite professional on-camera talent, as they dig for a deeper understanding of you and your business.

Video Production B-Roll

B-roll shooting

If you’re looking to spice up your video with extra footage of you, your product, or your business, additional B-roll can enhance the entertainment value of a production and further engage viewers. Charged by the hour.

Green screen videos compositing

Green screen videos (with compositing)

Just like Hollywood’s biggest features, our green screen gives us the option of putting you anywhere in the world. Seriously. Anywhere. You can choose between the option of an on-camera interview or a teleprompter presentation.

in-Studio Product Video

In-studio product videos

Showcase your products in an ultra-slick video presentation, complete with licensed music and the additional option of professional voice over or an on-camera host.

Interview-style video

Interview-style videos

Perfect for CEO and company owner interviews or client testimonials, interview-style videos can provide a personally engaging look at your business or product. Choose between one or two cameras.

On-camera host

If you’re a little camera shy, why not hand over the reigns to one of our professional on-screen talents? They’ll give your script the precision and personality that engages and compels viewers.

Video Production Onsite Interview

On-location interview

Whether it’s a quick interview or a series of them, on location or in studio, filmed with or without b-roll, we’ll design a package to suit your needs and budget. We can also facilitate interviews in locations all across Canada!

On-location product video

On-location product video

Have a product that’s just too big to fit through the doors of our video studio (we’re looking at you, Seasonic Boats)? We’ll come to you! Voice over, from one of our professional voice talents, can be added at an additional cost.

On location walk and talk

On-location video (with walk-and-talk tour)

Add a personal touch to your tour with an guided walk-through of your facilities.

On-location video tour

On-location video tour

Video tours are ideal for giving viewers a closer look into your business facilities or taking potential buyers on a guided walk-through of a real estate property.

On-location video tour interview

On-location video tour+interview

Combine the best of both worlds, inter-cutting interview footage with a detailed walk-through of your facilities.

Teleprompter Video

Teleprompted videos

Talking directly to camera, without a script, is a talent that very few people are genetically predisposed to do (trust us… it just hasn’t been scientifically proven). A teleprompter allows you to look directly into the camera and deliver a powerful presentation, without the added pressure of having to remember page after page of a script. Choose between one or two cameras.

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