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Corporate video
across numerous channels and categories.

At Media Button, we specialize in creating and delivering video experiences tailored to a variety of audiences, including yours. During the past 15 years, Media Button has produced over a thousand videos for our clients, which includes small business and organizations to national and international enterprises. We are positioned to meet most every business with their internal or external video production needs.

Our business is working with yours.
A focus on corporate video for over a decade in all types of business-related video production.


If your needs are basic, we’re more than happy to take it on.  If you’re looking for creative and high value production that sets your brand apart, we can deliver from start to finish… or anywhere in-between.

Flexible, capable and ready
to serve your specific need.

Need filming and then have the raw footage sent to you? Need editing? Want Media Button to take on the entire project from concept to finished product to make your life easy along the way?

We’re here to serve your exact video production needs locally, regionally or across the North America. Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach each project the same and we always try to deliver value and solutions to find the most effective way to reach a great result. Marketing agency or customer direct we’re here to help.

Concept and Strategy

Concept and strategy

In many instances, the creative and strategic pre-production stage is the most important step and, often, the most challenging. We’re fully open to all ideas and we’re ready to jump in and bring our many years of experience to help ensure success. From making sure the creative aligns with your brand voice, to concept and script development, to overall strategy, our professional writers are on your team.


Pre-production means moving into creative and logistical mode, covering tasks such as script-writing, storyboarding, equipment choices, budget allocations, project management and scheduling. As Winston Churchill once stated, “failing to plan is planning to fail” and pre-production is integral to ensuring your project stays on time and on budget.

Scriptwriting / copywriting

You know your business. You know your customers. But when it comes to expressing your vision in a creative concept, script, or shot list… well, that’s another story. Literally. Trust our professional script and copywriters to save you time and ensure your story is well-communicated from the start.

In-studio and on-location filming

In addition to all types of on-location filming, throughout BC and beyond, we’re proud to boast a fully-equipped corporate video studio in Vancouver BC. From green screen and white screen to blue skies on location, we’ve got you covered. We also have a network of vetted videographers, throughout Canada and parts of the USA.

Single or multi-camera shooting

Most of our projects usually require 1 or 2 cameras. However, we are fully-equipped and experienced in multi-camera filming. We own a variety of high-quality professional HD and 4K cameras, lenses and specialized gear. Our cinematographers are all highly-experienced, with many years in the field.

Large Video Production Crew

Small or large crews

We’re proud to have extremely talented and experienced team members who can literally be a one-man show, with knowledge of filming, directing, lighting and sound. We’re very conservative on crew size (for budget purposes) usually filming with 1-3 crew members. However, when required, we can bring a whole dedicated team.

Actors / on-camera host / voiceover

Professional talent can make all the difference. Media Button has a wide range of talent we work with, along with talent agencies who help us find exactly what you’re looking for. From professional on-camera hosts to voiceover artists or actors for your blockbuster corporate film, our team can take it from audition to lights, camera and action!

Video editing

We have multiple editing stations, high performance gear, the latest software and, most importantly, the team of pros who can handle everything from a simple edit to a full on high end production.

Motion graphics and compositing

Motion graphics and compositing are often considered “advanced” post-production services and we’re ready for almost any challenge . We can handle green screen, motion graphics, infographics, 2D animations and more.

Sound production and color grading

As part of our post-production process, enhancing, mixing and mastering sound is, well, a sound idea. Timing music, adding sound effects or normalizing voice are just a few examples. During the color grading process, our colorists enhance and match all of the raw footage, to give your footage the gloss of a Hollywood production. All part of the Media Button experience!

Licensed music and stock footage

Our vast array of royalty-free music/sound effects and our subscriptions to some of the world’s largest stock footage libraries provides us great opportunity to raise production value significantly and cost effectively. We can also create custom music scores or utilize some of our own stock footage.

High quality production equipment

We continuously invest in current technology and high-quality production equipment, to maximize productivity and to help ensure our team can deliver high production-value with the Media Button difference. From professional-grade 4K cameras to our 4K drone, dollies, jibs, sliders, pro lighting and much more, we’re fully-equipped and ready to roll!

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