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A written review may not make or break your business, but a video testimonial just might. As influential as the written word can be, video is multi-sensory with speed and ease on its side. In today’s digital climate that is a winning combination. Find out how video testimonials cam improve your business by generating enhanced interest in your brand, while building trust and credibility with your customers.

One of the things we like most about video testimonials is their ability to help level the playing field by giving even the smallest businesses a platform to discuss their product. Even the savviest entrepreneur has only so much time and energy for daily promotion, yet they’re often expected to compete with bigger brands that have a lot more of each to throw at their business. Video testimonials on the other hand give the little guys access to the most powerful of all advertising weapons: word of mouth. Not only that, the investment to produce a high-quality video testimonial is modest when compared to the potential upswing in business it can generate.

Much of the testimonial’s success is due to the fact that they are, by nature, realistic. Which means that we tend to like them for the very same reasons we like anything authentic—they’re honest. In a day and age when every selfie and social media post appears more crafted than candid, one should not overlook the power of believability. More than words alone, a video also gives us a chance to interpret body language and other non-verbal cues that echo what the customer is saying. Bonus points if they’re a charismatic storyteller and can spin a tale including your product.

Unlike a written review, which we may view suspiciously (was it actually a staff member or employee who wrote the 5-star spa review?), or dismiss altogether (he’s from New Brunswick, what does he know about French pastry shops in Toronto?), a video puts a face, name, voice, and personality to the review. It helps us connect; it builds trust, and a rapport. We find out things about the reviewers that shape their credibility. Like when we learn that the NB native has spent his life in search of the perfect profiterole; or, that a young woman who spent 3 years studying Thai massage in Asia wrote the 5-star spa review. A true testimonial is when the real faces of our customers speak up for us for no other reason than that they love our product and what we do. Now that’s meaningful.

But, there’s no harm in scratching someone else’s back either.


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