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A CMS (Content Management System) allows you to manage your website’s content. From publishing content (such as a blog), to editing, adding pages or updating security features and performing maintenance, a CMS is a central component of a website. The CMS has a tremendous impact on how easy it is to manage a site, as a complicated, difficult to use CMS can cause frustration, while a more user-friendly CMS can be very advantageous.

For instance, one of the big desires for many of our web clients is that they have the ability to update their own site, so if one of their services or their phone number changes, they are able to go in and make quick edits themselves. They don’t want to call us every time that they need to make a small change to their site (not that we would mind making the edits, but many website owners want the freedom to do it themselves).

For the user to be able to make their own edits, they need to be able to operate the CMS, so the CMS needs to be mindful of that, and for the average user, that means that the CMS needs to be easy to use. If the CMS is straightforward to use, the website will be easy to manage.

As you might imagine, we’ve done extensive research in this area over the years, and we’ve come to settle on using WordPress to help manage our clients’ sites. By far the web’s most popular CMS, WordPress is very easy to use and has a variety of themes and plugins offering an array of options. WordPress is so straightforward for the end user to operate that most Microsoft Word users get the hang of the basics in absolutely no time at all.

Of course, there are many, many different CMS platforms, and lots of different ways to go, and we’re not saying WordPress is the only user-friendly CMS out there. However, we do feel it works best for many of the clients that we serve.

Is your website easy to manage, or do you have to make time consuming, expensive calls to your web development company every time you want to make the smallest change?

If you’d like to discuss your site’s CMS, please get in touch.


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