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In the web industry there are many technical terms bandied about. If you’re a non-web based business owner, there are few technical web industry terms that it’s imperative that you know. However, there are some essential terms that anyone who has a website, no matter what their business or industry, should know. One such term is “bounce rate.”

Ok, to begin with, let’s establish an important point. You’ll probably agree with the statement:

A website is a promotional device.

In other words, a website is a place to market goods or services to the consumer. Any marketer worth his or her salt will tell you that a ‘call to action’ is an essential factor in converting potential customers into actual customers. Going back to “bounce rate”, some visitors to your website will not stay long and will leave quite quickly. These visitors head back to the search engine in their quest to find a website more in keeping with what they’re looking for – this is called “bouncing.” In essence, your website’s “bounce rate” is determined by the number of people that “bounce” from your site in comparison to those that stay and explore other content. Thus in short, determining your website’s “bounce rate” means measuring the effectiveness of your website in engaging visitors and enticing them to remain. “Bounce rate” is a factor in judging your website’s overall effectiveness as a marketing tool, and it’s potential in turning potential customers into real customers.

Therefore, “bounce rate” may sound like fancy web marketing talk, but it is actually fairly simple to understand. A “bounce rate” below 30% is considered extremely good going. You can find your bounce rate by having a look at your Google analytics. Keep in mind that it is best to view the “bounce rate” of local visitors as these hits have the greatest potential to turn into actual business.

How do you improve your website’s bounce rate?

  • Make sure your website has good design principles that are in keeping with your brand and market. Ensure that visitors to your site are given as much information as they can handle in the shortest amount of time. This will help increase your website’s effectiveness.
  • Ensure that your website is user friendly. Make it easy for visitors to find information and navigate your website. Invite them to stay, encourage them to stay, and then entice them to buy a product/service or contact you with your call to action.
  • Make sure your website has excellent, informative and relevant content. Be sure that your website has substance beyond its pretty design.

Of course, these points represent nothing more than a few basic tips. The actual process is more complex, but consider the above points ‘the essentials to improving your website’s bounce rate.

If you’d like to discuss your website’s analytics, design, user interface etc. in greater detail, please feel free to contact Media Button. We’re experts at this stuff!


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