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First things first, there’s no secret formula for making a viral video. If there were, everyone would be doing it! With that said, it’s not all about luck either. Luck plays a part, for sure. However, some key factors also affect the chances of a video going viral. This week’s blog post examines a few of those factors…

Understand Your Audience

As with the creation of any video, it’s important to understand your audience. Who are you appealing to? Keep this in mind as you create your video and make sure that everything has been done with your audience in mind, from the concept right through to the selection of the thumbnail when you’re posting your video online.

The Shorter, The Better

As things like Vine show, the internet is a mystical land of short attention spans. Keep your video as short as possible – less than three minutes is best, but the shorter the better. The shorter your video, the more likely people will be to watch it!

Make it Shareable

Make sure your video is shareable, i.e. funny, inspiring, heartwarming, useful etc. Again, this goes back to your audience, think of what appeals to the people you’re creating your video for.

Headline and Tag Properly

Once it’s time for your clip to be posted online, make sure you headline and tag your video appropriately, so that people who may be interested in it can see it.

Share, Share and Share Again

Share your video to as many video sharing sites as possible (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) After that share it on social media, forums, blogs, sites like Reddit and with key influencers (people with large social media networks, from local business owners through to celebrities) who may be interested in the content.

Again, there’s no guaranteed formula for creating a viral video, but sticking to the points listed above will definitely help!

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