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First things first, for those of you who may not know, a web browser is the software by which you view the Internet. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer are just a few of the many web browsers on the market. Obviously, web browsers are a pretty essential part of the Internet infrastructure, and while you may not immediately think of a browser as a piece of sophisticated software, it is.

When we develop websites, an important part of the process involves testing the new site on a host of different browsers, such as those mentioned above, to ensure that it’s functioning properly on the various browsers that potential visitors may be using. We do this because we want to give all users, regardless of browser choice, the best possible experience when they visit the new site. While we can test the new site against the latest versions of the most popular browsers, we can’t legislate for someone using a very old web browser. If you’re using an old browser (you can use this tool to help you check if you’re unsure), there are a number of reasons to update. Here are three of them…

Keeping Your Browser Updated Will Improve Your Browsing Experience

Keeping your browser updated will allow you to view and use sites as they were meant to be seen and used. A newer site will have been built with the latest browsers in mind. Using an old browser may mean you’re not getting the best user experience or full functionality from the sites you’re visiting. Not only that, but a new browser may load sites faster, meaning less time waiting for a page to load!

It’s For the Collective Good

In a way, updating your web browser is good for the Internet as a whole, as updating your browser means that future generations of that browser are more likely to be created, and quicker. In other words, upgrading your web browser is good for the Internet overall, as new software and subsequent technology will be created at a faster rate.

It Will Help Keep You Safe

Updating your web browser is a good idea, as with newer browsers comes new and improved security features. The newer the browser, the more sophisticated the security measures offering increased protection against nasty things like phishing scams, viruses and more.

So there are three reasons for updating your web browser.

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