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Check it – we have a few more wonderful websites from around the world. It’s always fun to check out what’s new in the world of website design and how designers and developers continue to surprise us with creative designs and a fun user experience.

This week we’ll kick off our selection with a fan site for an unusual car that could fade into oblivion, but thanks to these web designers/developers and lovers of the Delahaye, this unique automobile may well make a second debut – online. 

Screenshot 2015-04-16 13.27.32

By ultranoir. France.

 Ahoy there matey, climb on board, hoist your anchor and get ready to dive into the deep blue. At first we thought this was a fun site of a diving expedition, but then we realized it was selling diving watches. Kudos to this company for combining the soft sell with an interesting user experience, this site is actually more exciting than the website of the diving expedition. We only wish they’d added a few fish, treasures and pirates… mind you, they do have some fantastic watches that any pirate would be proud to plunder.


By Switzerland

And the adventure continues… in Japan this time. Websites offer a wicked opportunity to boost tourism, and this site is well on board with the promotion of the Onsen village, Kurokawa. Lovely video background, stills and sounds: a mini-adventure for the armchair traveler.


By Stronghold. Japan

 And now for a little interactive journey into sound with the personal site of musician, composer and songbird, Gabriel and Yara Yared. A simple and lovely site that offers all online travelers a few minutes respite and relaxation amidst the e-commerce noise.


By ultranoir. France

 In case you didn’t know, the world is round and so the journey never ends. There are a great many books on this topic and for all book lovers, this next site is like a trip through a second hand bookstore where you can explore books by look, excerpts and the magical presence of an invisible hand that guides you towards a book that can literally (lol) change your life. The website of Haruki Murakami gives you a little insight into the author’s books.


By Blue Cadet. U.S.A.






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