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This week’s winning website designs from around the globe include radical interactive designs, exhibition sites and beautiful graphics.

This site highlights the music and touring locations of the band a love like pi, super simple to navigate you can tune in to links to their videos, photos of the band and of course tour dates.

love like pi

by Keetai Kim and Lief Liebmann.  U.S.A.

More and more movies are investing into websites to generate interest and Ben Stiller’s latest movie is  no exception. The site offers film previews and a mini interactive experience to entertain you. If you have a few minutes to spare – you could click around for while.


By Watson/DG. U.S.A

Paying homage to the femme fatale, and anti-heroes of the screen, this site offers background information on the actresses who played iconic femme fatale roles, browse the videos, explore film noir, view clips, this is a fun site for all film buffs – who speak French. Sorry did I forget to mention that…but even if you don’t parler francais – it’s still worth a look.


By Benjamin, Jean-Christophe, Suzanne.  France

Love Guitars? You’ll love this site! FlatGuitars  pays tribute to historic guitars and those who mastered their strings. This site was handcrafted while under the influence of rock’n’roll. Browse at your leisure, click with pleasure…


By David Navarro & Ingamana. Netherlands

If the Swiss are known for making quality watches and chocolate, they can now add websites to their national pride. If there is a site that embodies artistry, elegance and beauty it is this one. The opening video graphics is a gateway to a story in the craft of watchmaking at its best.  The site beautifully reveals the process of fine watchmaking. The step-by-step process is worth watching. The tagline is embark on a journey, we agree, click and see…


By Y7K. Switzerland

Animation adds a lot of character to a website, there is going to be more sites adopting animated pages to provide a better user-experience.  This site for a design agency in Germany cleverly embeds a video of animation into their home page. Sublimly integrated , it’s a breath of fresh air for screen tired eye. Fun, creative and original.


By Jasmin Lang & Patrick Tartaglini


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