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In this third instalment of our ‘Women In Business’ series, we look at how to launch and optimize your video campaign to reach a female audience (and be successful in doing so). By helping you narrow your focus and seek out viewing behaviour, we’ll see what’s trending for women and learn how to position your video campaign for maximum engagement.






While I have no doubt this is glaringly obvious to you, dear reader, there are those who need to hear this. Targeting your product or service simply to ‘women’ is not enough. In order to reach your largest possible target audience, as well as inspire healthy engagement among viewers you need to narrow your focus.


Depending on what type of product or service you’re offering, some factors you may want to pay attention to include:


  • Is your product or service developed or most suitable for a particular age group of women? (E.g.: Skincare, beauty products, health and aging.)
  • Would a woman’s marital status affect her interest in your business or product? (E.g.: Your travel company wants to feature exotic adventure trips for single women over 35.)
  • What is your target audience’s day-to-day routine? (E.g.: A full-time engineer will likely engage online at different times than a woman on maternity leave, even if they do visit the same sites.)
  • Is your product or service expensive? (E.g.: Career coaching geared towards professional women.)


Research your audience and be honest about what you’re offering, whom it appeals to, and who could genuinely benefit from it. It’s far better to reach a smaller audience who is actively engaged than a larger audience with no real interest. Not only that, you don’t want to sabotage your hard-won efforts.



Canadian’s Internet Business is an organization created to provide tools for those with an interest in online business. Providing reliable statistics on social media monitoring within Canada, CIB is a good place to gather information before you set out on your social media video campaign.


Of the most popular social media networks in the country, the only sites that Canadians visit at least twice per week or more are Facebook (71%) and YouTube (49%). This changes among generational groups however, with an increase in usage of Twitter and Snapchat among millennials. To supplement these figures, the PEW research center has reported that women age 45 and above make up 46% of Facebook’s female audience.


Among women, social media is growing across all networks and Instagram (20%) and Pinterest (23%) are seeing specific interest. Supporting these findings is eMarketer, touting that Facebook and Pinterest tilt towards more female users than Twitter. The Canadian Digital Mom Report 2012 saw that 63% of Internet users who are also moms have liked a brand’s FB page.




You know the type of women you hope to reach, and you know where they are most active on social media. Now, you need to figure out when to reach them.


Backed by Facebook metrics and the PEW research center, some very concrete habits have been formed almost multilaterally across social media channels. A fabulous infographic from SurePayroll breaks this activity down to time slots during the day.


In general, if you want your video campaign to grab attention on Facebook, between 1pm-4pm during the week is the time to do it. Wednesday peaks around 3pm, while weekends’ users typically log on before 8am or after 8pm at night.


According to Fast Company, “Pinterest is for daydreaming and weekends.” Saturday mornings and afternoons have high engagement, along with Friday’s around 3pm that see weekday-weary herds flocking. You can learn more about Pinterest and why it’s such a fantastic tool for marketing your business in this rare interview with 30 year-old CEO Ben Silbermann here.


While I’ve found it extremely challenging to uncover specific data on women’s YouTube habits via metrics, Tubefilter reported some interesting findings that could impact your scheduling decisions. One of the most pertinent is that viewership declines significantly in May and September. Since many of YouTube’s users are school age, these are transition times. By that measure, if you’re looking to connect with mothers on YouTube, this is valuable information, as they will likely be keeping the same schedules as their children during these periods.


Other research organizations like TubeMogul have echoed the following as the best hours to post on YouTube during each day of the week:


Monday 2pm – 4pm

Tuesday 2pm – 4pm

Wednesday 2pm – 4pm

Thursday 12pm – 3pm

Friday 12pm – 3pm

Saturday 9am – 11am

Sunday 9am – 11am


A YouTube video campaign is most likely to succeed if posted on a Thursday or Friday, and viewership begins to decrease mid-afternoon Sunday while petering out Monday through Wednesday.


Interestingly, Tubefilter mentioned something to keep in mind when posting any video campaign. By and large, most people’s free time is concentrated from Thursday through Sunday. And this is probably true of most women across the board. Full-time professionals are usually tackling an overflow of work early week, mothers are busy getting children ready for the school week and helping with homework, while students will also be buckling down.


Whether she’s a single, green tea-drinking yogi or a married professional with a family, researching your demographic will pay off when it comes time to launch your video campaign. Perhaps more importantly, it will convey that you’ve taken the time to understand your audience and what matters to her.




Based in beautiful B.C., Media Button specializes in web design, video production and marketing. If you would like to speak with us about launching a successful video campaign, feel free to contact us any time.


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